Is a Valance in Lynden Old Fashioned?

Before you buy anything for the home, you’ll want to think about styles. Over time, some styles become dated. If you look at a lot of valances of the past, you’ll see that they come across as something from an era gone by. Does this mean a valance in Lynden is too old fashioned for your home?

There are different types of valances available, and they do still offer a range of decorative benefits. Valances aren’t dead yet, but you need to get the styles just right. Here are some considerations to make to avoid the old-fashioned styles.

Avoid Adding Too Many Details to One Valance in Lynden

Let’s start with why valances end up dated. The designer tends to add too much to the material, creating something great initially. However, that valance ends up not working with future décor trends and preferences. You could find that the valance is something you want to replace within a year or two, making it a waste of money as well as dated.

You want to avoid adding too many details to one piece of material. Try to stick to just one focal element if possible. The most you’ll want to add is two, but even that can be a little too much for the size of the material.

The focal point isn’t just the pattern on the valance in Lynden. You’re also looking at the shape of the material. You’ll want to look at the way the valances hang, or the dual colors that some will have.

Get the Fabric Right to Avoid Dating Valances

Types of materials will come and go, but there are some that will stick around for years to come. You want to opt for a fabric that is going to last. This isn’t just about the feel or look of the material itself, but also about the color and patterns that you get.

If you get a valance in Lynden that has a pattern of the era, you run the risk of it being dated. A simple geometric pattern has remained popular for decades, avoiding that dated look.

The type of material will also play a part. While velvet is a beautiful option, it can bring in too much of a sense of the past for some people. Match it with the home and the rest of the décor to avoid dating your windows.

Make Sure They Fit the Window Properly

It’s not the actual valance in Lynden that becomes old fashioned. It’s more to do with the fit in the window. Too many people buy valances that just don’t fit the window correctly. After a few months, you’ll wish you saved up for something custom for the window frame.

Save up beforehand. This is an investment in the home, so you want to treat it that way.

A valance in Lynden itself isn’t the thing that’s old fashioned. It’s more to do with the material of choice, and the way that valance sits in the window. Once you have the details just right, you’ll have a window treatment that lasts for decades in terms of style.

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