How Plantation Shutters in Blaine Prevent Rising Temperatures in the Summer

When you’re looking at new window coverings, you’ll want to make sure problems you’ve experienced in the house are managed. One of the biggest problems is the rising temperatures in the summer months. Before you look at plantation shutters in Blaine, you need to make sure they’re going to deal with this specific problem.

After all, plantation shutters are expensive. They are permanent, long-term options for the windows, and you need to make sure you make the most of the financial benefits. Here’s a look at how they help in the summer with managing the heat.

Plantation Shutters Will Block the UV Rays

One of the main reasons for rising temperatures in the summer is the UV rays hitting the glass. If you get a lot of direct sun, you’ll want to look at adding plantation shutters in Blaine. The material will block the rays from getting past the glass, causing the greenhouse effect in the home.

You can close up the shutters completely, blocking all the light that comes through. This is great if you don’t mind blocking all the natural light, but that’s not something you really want during the warm weather. You want to allow the natural light in.

Plantation shutters have louvers that will help. You can twist the louvers to manage the way the UV rays come into the room after hitting the glass. You’ll redirect the UV rays, minimizing the rising temperature.

When you don’t have direct light, you can allow the natural light to shine in. Sit the louvers parallel to the floor to let that light in. It’s not the light but the UV rays that cause the greenhouse effect.

You Have Insulation Against the Heat Getting In

There are issues with the heat getting through the windows. In the summer, you have the opposite of what you have in the winter, but the plantation shutters in Blaine will help in the same way.

The heat outside needs to heat the room inside. This is because your air con makes the room cooler, so the heat outside thinks there is a problem. You need insulation around your windows, as this is the easiest way into the home.

If you have any gaps in the window, the shutters are also great for managing the escape of the air con. It’s like managing the cool air from outside getting in through a gap in the winter months.

This insulation is better when the louvers are closed. Of course, that means blocking all the natural light. During the night, you’ll be able to benefit from the warmer air outside not getting in so the air con works more effectively, starting your day off just right as the temperatures outside start to rise.

There are some excellent benefits when it comes to plantation shutters in Blaine. During the summer months, you need to block the rising temperatures, and these types of shutters work in two ways. Now you just need to get the louvers in the right position when the UV rays hit the glass.

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