How Do Zebra Blinds in Bellingham Work?

There are many types of window coverings available. A type you may have come across is zebra blinds in Bellingham. They alternate between a room darkening/blackout panel and a solar panel.

Are these window coverings any good for the home? Will they offer any benefits? Here’s why you could see them become your best friend for your windows.

They Help to Manage the Glare Without Light Loss

One of the big benefits is managing the glare coming through your windows. You need to reduce the UV rays shining through to make the space comfortable. After all, you want to be able to sit by the window without wearing your sunglasses!

At the same time, you don’t want to block all the light shining through. Zebra blinds in Bellingham will offer the ability to block out the glare without the light loss. While the room darkening strips can block the light, the solar shade strips don’t allow all the light to be blocked.

You gain this ability to manage the amount of glare shining through. You can even manage some of the natural light without losing all of it.

You Gain Privacy with Zebra Blinds in Bellingham

One of the concerns about window coverings is gaining privacy. You want to allow the light in, but you want to keep the privacy day and night. This is where zebra blinds can be great options.

While the solar shades are usually problematic for privacy on a night, the room darkening strips help to avoid that problem. You can see clearly through the solar strips because of the way the strips interchange. This is a great way to gain privacy without adding another window covering over the top.

If you do feel like you may not get the full privacy, there is always the option of adding another layer. Drapes work very well with these window coverings. After all, they tend to be more like roller or roman shades anyway.

They Can Help with Some Heating Issues

Remember that you’re getting rid of the UV rays coming into the home with zebra blinds in Bellingham. This is great for managing glare, but it’s also great for managing heat problems in the summer months. The UV rays are the reason for much of the heat rising in the home.

Both the solar shades and the room darkening shades work together to block those UV rays. You’ll get rid of the reason for the heat rising, so you can use the air conditioning less.

The downside is that you don’t get the heating benefits in the winter months as much. The solar shades don’t help to block a lot of heat loss through the windows when you’re using your heating. You’ll get more benefits with zebra blinds than you would with full solar shades, but you’re still missing out on some and will need a secondary layer in the winter.

There are some great window coverings out there for your windows. Zebra blinds in Bellingham look great and could offer you all the benefits you need.

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