How Do Motorized Blinds in Bellingham Work?

You know you want motorized blinds in Bellingham. They offer a range of benefits that you know you want. Now you just need to understand the ways motorized blinds work.

This isn’t about how you push the buttons or give commands. You need to understand the ways that blinds are motorized. This will affect the type of blind you get and the amount of money you spend.

Battery Powered Blinds to Keep Costs Down

The cheapest of all motorized blinds in Bellingham are battery powered. They run on one system per blind, using batteries to open and close the blinds. There’s no need to hook them up to your electricity in any way, meaning you don’t need to look for sockets close to the windows.

You’ll need to replace the batteries now and then. Most of them will last five years or so depending on the use of your blinds. You’ll also find that they’re batteries you can easily buy from the shops to help keep the costs down.

You’ll use a remote with infrared to open and close. It’s like operating your TV.

Electrically Powered or Solar Powered Motorized Blinds in Bellingham

If you don’t want battery powered blinds, you’ll want to look at other ways to power up the motors. One of the most popular is electrically powered blinds. These will either be wired into your unit and control by a switch, or they will have a power adaptor that you plug into the wall. You’ll need to have a socket near the windows.

Solar power is becoming more popular. They have a unit that holds the charge while the sun shines. The power drains on a night but more power is gained the next day. The charge is held similarly to a battery. The benefit is you’re protecting the environment by using renewable energy.

Wireless and Smart Blinds for Full Control

You’ll want to look into getting smart motorized blinds in Bellingham. These are controlled without a remote. They’d done through voice commands or through an app on your phone. They’re great for managing everything from outside of the home. They’ll still need to be powered through one of the mentioned options above, but you’ll usually find that they’re wired to some sort of electrical outlet.

The systems run through your Wi-Fi. You’ll need to make sure you have a good internet connection to make sure your blinds work.

Another option is a wireless system that you can set timers with. This is usually a unit added to your wall, similar to your thermostat. You’ll set times of the day to move the blinds to make sure they constantly work to your benefit. There’s no need to be in the house to control the systems, which is great if you’re going way on a vacation.

Now you just need to decide how you want to power your motorized blinds in Bellingham. Do you want to connect to your main electrical system, or would you prefer to replace batteries?

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