Fabric vs. Vinyl Vertical Blinds in Bellingham: Which Is the Best Material?

There are many types of vertical blinds in Bellingham when it comes to materials. Two of the most common you’ll find are fabric and vinyl ones. They offer a lot of benefits whether you want style or practical ones.

Now you’ll want to figure out which is the best material. This is more than just price or whether the blinds will block all the light or not. You need to make sure you cover everything you need from your window coverings in your home.

Vinyl Blinds Will Last a Little Longer

There’s no doubt that longevity comes into play with the materials of vertical blinds in Bellingham. Vinyl is a longer lasting material compared to fabric, so you’re not going to need to replace them as often. However, the fabric options aren’t made with low quality materials. They are still going to last a few years.

If you’re looking at an upfront cost perspective, fabric will be cheaper. Since vinyl lasts a little longer, over the long-term, you could find that vinyl vertical blinds end up being the cheaper option.

Vinyl Blinds Are Easier to Maintain

Your blinds won’t take a lot of maintenance to look good, regardless of the materials. However, you’ll find that vinyl blinds tend to be easier to manage. This is going to depend on the type of fabric blinds you have, though. Some fabric blinds can be removed and put through the washing machine, which helps to speed up the maintenance issue.

With vinyl vertical blinds in Bellingham, you don’t usually need to clean the materials too often. They collect some dust, so you’ll need to do some dusting of them, but you won’t need to wash them that often. They simple don’t collect the same grime that fabric materials do. As long as you stay on top of the dust, you’ll be fine.

Fabric Vertical Blinds Offer Great Color Options

You don’t always want neutral vertical blinds in Bellingham. While they offer some great long-term benefits if you routinely change the look of your home, they can be a little boring and bland. You want something that stands out.

Since vinyl blinds are designed to last for years, they tend to come in more neutral colors. White and cream are among the most popular. That’s not the case with fabric. They are easily dyed, and you can end up with all sorts of bold, pastel, and other intriguing patterns.

You can even get your fabric blinds custom made. This is a great way to get the colors and patterns that you want, adding a print to the slats so that a scene is on show when the blinds are closed.

The type of vertical blinds in Bellingham that you get will depend on the benefits that you want to gain. The cost of the two styles is usually around the same, maybe a little more for vinyl due to them lasting a little longer. It really comes down to maintenance and color outside of the usual comparisons of light control and heat management.

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