Could Bamboo Blinds in Bellingham Work in the Bathroom?

As you look for new window coverings for the home, you’ll find the bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to deal with. You want bamboo blinds in Bellingham, hearing that they’re great options for the space. Will they work for bathrooms?

The bathroom has a lot of moisture. It makes it a difficult room, especially when it comes to fabric and real wood materials. Bamboo isn’t quite the same as other real woods, and you could find that it is perfect for the bathroom.

The Material Doesn’t Succumb to Moisture Damage

A lot of real woods have the issue of moisture soaking into them. This leads to rot and mold damage to the window coverings. Is it really worth adding bamboo blinds in Bellingham to this room when mold and rot are problems?

Bamboo doesn’t succumb to this sort of damage. The material itself is used to living in high moisture areas. While it’s been cut down, the material itself still has some of the layers of protection over the top so the moisture in the bathroom doesn’t become a problem.

You will need to look after your blinds, of course. It’s important to use the extractor fan for the high heat with the moisture. You’ll also want to clean your blinds frequently to make sure they continue to withstand the damage.

Bamboo Won’t Warp in the Heat

Another issue with wooden blinds is that they warp in the heat. The bathroom is full of heat, whether you have direct sun hitting it or not. There’s all that heat from the shower, the bath, and other water sources. Bamboo blinds in Bellingham remain great options despite the downside of the heat.

Bamboo isn’t like other woods. It doesn’t warp when direct heat hits it. The material won’t break down from the high humidity in the room. This is something that will last for years in the space, making bamboo the best natural material for bathrooms.

Stick shades may be a little easier in the bathroom than woven wood. Whichever style you work with, though, you’ll gain privacy and light control while getting something durable.

It’s Easy to Maintain

Getting blinds that are easy to maintain is important. One of the downsides of the bathroom is regular cleaning. You need to deal with the bacteria and other issues that come from this room in the house. After all, you’re directly connected to sewer pipes through your plumbing. Bamboo blinds in Bellingham are among the easiest options to clean.

You don’t need a lot of harsh materials to scrub clean. In fact, you don’t want to scrub the material as you’ll damage it. Instead, you want warm soapy water with maybe a little bit of bleach or an anti-bacterial cleaner to wipe down the shades and protect them from bacterial damage.

It’s time to go natural for the bathroom. Bamboo blinds in Bellingham are among the best options for this room in the space, and they are among the most affordable.

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