Can Zebra Blinds in Bellingham Make Good Bedroom Window Coverings?

You’re looking into getting new window coverings for each room in the home. Now you’re onto the bedroom, which can be a difficult room to manage. There are various needs in this room, which is why you’re starting to look at something like zebra blinds in Bellingham.

Zebra blinds alternate between a solar or room darkening layer and a blackout layer. This is a great way to gain multiple benefits, but are they enough for the bedroom? Here’s why they can work.

They Allow in Light When Needed

We start with the benefit of light. During the day, you still often need the light shining through, but you don’t necessarily want people seeing in. Or maybe you just want to block the glare. This can be if you like relaxing in the bedroom or if you have to double up the room for a home office or something similar.

The solar/room darkening layer of the zebra blinds in Bellingham will manage the light. You’ll block that annoying glare and manage the UV rays, but you won’t completely lose all the natural light shining through.

You Always Gain Privacy in the Bedroom

That solar strip in the shades is also good for managing privacy. After all, you need privacy in the bedroom during the day and night. It’s important to get that with ease. Just pull the zebra blinds in Bellingham down and you have it.

You’ll also have privacy on a night. While solar shades aren’t great for nighttime privacy, you have the blackout strips on the blinds. This is the layer that blocks the view coming in when the sun goes down.

Zebra Blinds in Bellingham Can Block the Light

You’ll sometimes need to block the light that’s shining through. The blackout layer makes that possible. This is much easier on a night than during the day though, because you do have the solar strips as well to handle.

You’ll gain darkness on a night. If you need darkness during the day, zebra blinds may not be for your bedroom. It’s going to depend on your exact needs. The good news is there is a way around the lighting problems.

You Can Easily Double Them Up When Necessary

Zebra blinds in Bellingham are fabric window coverings that usually mount on the inside of the window frame. You’ll easily double up with another type of window covering, usually a set of drapes. The other window covering will manage the light problems if you need a complete blackout effect now and then.

The secondary layer will also help with heating issues. Zebra blinds don’t block too much heat loss on a night because of the solar strips. Plus the shades are made out of fabric. You’ll want to get a second layer for better insulation around your windows, blocking the heat loss on a night in the window months.

If you’re looking for something affordable and pretty, zebra blinds in Bellingham are certainly worth considering. They do offer a range of benefits, but may not be perfect for your bedroom needs.

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