Can Roller Shades in Lynden Work for the Bathroom?

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re likely looking at fabric window treatments for the home. Roller shades in Lynden are some of the most popular options for many. The question is whether they’re any good for certain rooms in the home.

These are fabric blinds. Fabric materials don’t withstand all that well in rooms with a lot of moisture and heat. It can make the bathrooms one of the first places to put roller shades. Is there any way around the downsides?

Fabric Shades Can Become Damaged in Bathrooms

Why aren’t roller shades in Lynden any good for the bathroom? It’s all to do with the fabric. The material will soak in the moisture from the room, and there is a lot of moisture. Even if you just have the taps running to wash your face, you’ll find the moisture will get into the shades. It’s even worse when you have the bath or shower running.

You’ll find your shades won’t last as long as they’re meant to. You know that roller shades aren’t designed to last too long, anyway. They tend to be good window treatments for five to 10 years. However, if you have them in bathrooms, they don’t tend to last as long as they should.

If the blinds are wet for too long, the fabric can end up breaking down. Then there’s the problem of some mildew or mold damage that happens. Not only do you have a blind that doesn’t last as long as it should, but you can also lead to some health problems in the bathroom.

You Can Look After and Maintain Roller Shades in Lynden

Roller shades are cheap, so you want to get them if you’re on a tight budget. Does that mean you have to leave them out of the bathroom? You could get them and risk the downsides, replacing them frequently, if you want. However, there are ways around the problems that roller shades bring.

One of the best things you can do is take your shades down and clean them. In some cases, you’ll be able to wash them. You may need to if there’s been some damage somewhere. In other cases, you’ll be able to run the vacuum over them to get rid of any dust or just do some spot damage.

You’ll want to take the roller shades out of the bathroom now and then to allow them time to dry. You want to get all the moisture out to make sure all the dampness is out. This prevents the mold or mildew forming, protecting your blinds and your health.

When you are having a shower, make sure you use an extractor fan or open a window. You want to allow the moisture a way out of the room, reducing the risk of it collecting in the shades.

Roller shades in Lynden are among the cheapest options for the home, but they’re not necessarily the best. If you’re getting something for the bathroom, be aware of the moisture in the air that can cause a problem.

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