Can People See Through Zebra Blinds in Blaine at Night?

Zebra blinds in Blaine look beautiful, and they offer a wide range of benefits. One of those is offering privacy during the day without blocking the light. The privacy comes from the darker stripes in the blind, while the light benefits come from the solar shade stripes.

What about on a night? One of the downsides of solar shades is a lack of privacy when the sun goes down. Is that going to be the case with these window coverings?

The Darker Stripes Will Help to Block the View

The good news is you’re not going to have the same problems with zebra blinds in Blaine as you would with a normal set of solar shades. You will still keep some privacy on a night, and that’s all thanks to the darker stripes in the material.

The darker stripes are thick enough to block all view coming into your home. There will be some light that shines through, making it clear that you’re home, but the view isn’t clear for people looking in. The darker stripes outweigh the downsides of the solar stripes.

Of course, it could be the light that concerns you. There’s no way of blocking all the light shining through, so people know if you’re in or not. You’ll want a secondary layer if this is a concern to you.

Zebra Blinds in Blaine Come in Different Materials

While you’ll always get a stripe of opaque material and a stripe of somewhat see-through material, there are different options available. For example, that opaque material could just darken the room, or you could get something that is designed to offer the full blackout effect.

The same applies to the thickness of the solar shade material. This doesn’t have to be the exact material of solar shades. It’s just thinner than the other strip to filter the light instead of blocking it all off. As long as you let the natural light in, the section of the shade has done its job.

This could mean the material is thick enough to block all view into the home. It could be more of a sheer material for linen curtains that offers maximum privacy day and night.

You Can Get Your Zebra Blinds Custom Made

There’s no need to settle for whatever zebra blinds in Blaine are available. If you want something specific, you can get your blinds custom made. This is a great way to ensure you get the privacy on a night that you want.

You will spend more on these window coverings than you would if you bought premade. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you’re not sticking around in one place for too long. It’s important to get the maximum use out of them to make the most of this investment.

Zebra blinds in Blaine are growing in popularity. They look good, and they offer a wide range of benefits. Privacy on a night is important, and you will get that with the right type of zebra blinds.

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