Can People See Through My Cellular Shades in Bellingham?

Privacy is important when it comes to any type of window covering. This includes cellular shades in Bellingham, whatever style of cellular shades you choose. The last thing you want is people looking into your home through your shades.

So, you’ll need to take time to look at whether your favorite types of window coverings will block the view. Is it possible for people to see through your cellular shades?

It Will Depend on the Material

Take a look at the exact type of material for the cellular shades in Bellingham. This is going to have a direct effect on whether they can be seen through or not. If you have solar shade material, you will be able to see out during the day but people can’t see in. On a night, the opposite happens so people can see through.

Most cellular shades are made with room darkening materials. They are solid enough to prevent people from seeing through the material, so you do keep your privacy day and night. However, they won’t block all the light shining through. This is great during the day, but on a night, people will see if you have interior lights on or not.

People seeing light may not be an issue. You just don’t want people seeing into your home. If you want to block the light, though, you’ll need to look at blackout or thermal materials.

Keep the Privacy with Top-Down Shades

There are different types of cellular shades in Bellingham. The most popular is top-down, bottom-up shades. They sit on a runner in your window frame and you can open them from the top or the bottom. Keep the window along the bottom covered while you open the top and let some of the natural light in.

These are great for privacy. People will be able to see through the top part of the window when the shades are pulled down. However, this is usually too high up for people to see easily. They would need to stand on something, and then you and others would know that someone is trying to look into your home. It’s all intentional. With the bottom covered, people won’t see through while just casually passing by.

However, when the bottom part of the shade is open, people are going to be able to see through the window. You no longer have it covered, and this gets rid of the benefits you gain. That’s the case with any type of window shade you get that opens bottom-up, though.

With the top-down shade, you’ll have light shining through from the inside on a night. It’s important to pull the top of the shade back up if you want to block the light escaping.

When you get window coverings, you want privacy. That is one of the most important reasons to get them. The good news is cellular shades in Bellingham offer great privacy for all. You just need to make sure you get the right materials for the job.

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