Can Cellular Shades in Bellingham Completely Block Out the Light?

When you’re looking for new window coverings, you’ll have certain needs in mind. One of those is often to block out all the light shining through, especially when looking for something for a bedroom. Friends have told you that cellular shades in Bellingham are great for all types of reasons, but are they any good for this one particular need?

Before you buy any sort of window covering, you need to know that it does your most essential needs. Here’s a look at cellular shades and their ability to block out the light.

It’s Going to Depend on the Type of Cellular Shade

One of the things to look at is the type of cellular shades in Bellingham you’re looking at. Not all are designed to block out every bit of light that shines through. One of the benefits of some cell shades is that they’ll darken the room but not completely create nighttime during the day.

It’s all about the style of the cells. Thermal honeycomb shades are great for a full blackout effect. They have a layer of aluminum or other material that offers extra insulation that also leads to blocking out all the light that shines through.

It’s also worth looking into the details of the shades. See what they say about blocking the light. If they don’t mention a blackout effect, chances are they’re not the right options for your specific needs.

Colors of Cellular Shades in Bellingham Can Make a Difference

You’ll also want to consider the color of the window coverings. While they don’t make a full difference for all types of shades, they can do when it comes to cellular shades.

Darker colors will make it harder for the light to shine through. If you get something that is going to make it harder for the light to filter in, you’re going to create a blackout effect. Meanwhile, lighter colors aren’t as good at blocking the light’s rays from getting through.

If you really want a blackout effect without paying for thermal window coverings, you’ll want to look at the darker colors. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for black or make your room look smaller than it is. There are other dark colors that look beautiful, and some are even neutral.

The Type of Material Can Also Affect the Lighting Benefits

You’ll also want to look into the material of the cellular shades in Bellingham. This isn’t just about looking at thermal shades. You want to look at the general thickness of the fabric.

Thicker materials make it harder for the light to pass through. If you get something like this, then you’ll find it’s much easier to great a blackout effect in the room during the day. You can even get lighter colors if the material is thick enough, but with cellular shades, you’ll want to consider thicker materials with darker colors.

You can get cellular shades in Bellingham that will block out all the light. You’ll just need to take your time finding the perfect options.

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