Are Faux Wood Blinds in Bellingham Bad for the Environment?

When you come to look for new window coverings, there are a few things you need to think about. One of them is the environment. We’re becoming more and more conscious of what our choices are doing to Mother Nature, so you’ll want window coverings that won’t be bad for her. Faux wood blinds in Bellingham are popular, but are they good for the environment?

There are a few ways that window coverings can care for or damage the environment. We’ll look at each of those ways when looking at faux wood blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds Will Last but Don’t Break Down

The biggest benefit of getting real wood blinds is that they will break down into landfills. They don’t just sit on top of it. That’s not the case with faux wood blinds in Bellingham. These window coverings have a layer that protects them, preventing them from breaking down completely.

However, the blinds will last for decades. You’ll avoid buying multiple window coverings that just add to the landfill. And since you know they don’t break down, you can make the most of the blinds when you do come to change them out. Reuse the slats for other needs if you can.

You’ll Block Heat Loss with Faux Wood Blinds in Bellingham

It’s not just about the end user, though. While the blinds don’t break down at the end, they offer some excellent benefits for the environment while they’re being used. And remember they’re used for decades and not just a few years like drapes and fabric shades.

You’ll block the heat loss during the colder months. The blinds act as insulation around the windows, with material that makes it very difficult for the heat to get through to the window. No, they’re not perfect, but no type of window covering is. They do a great job, though.

What does this do to the environment? You use your heating less. The heat remains in the home better, minimizing the need for the heating to turn on because temperatures don’t drop low enough. By using the heating less, you’re using less electricity, gas, or oil depending on how your heating runs.

You’ll Minimize Rising Temperatures During the Day

Another big problem for the environment is air-con use. It uses a lot of electricity, meaning you’re burning more fossil fuels. Faux wood blinds in Bellingham will help to keep the air-con use to a minimum.

The slats will cover the window and prevent the UV rays from getting into the home. It’s the UV rays that cause most of the rising temperatures throughout the day. On a night, you can close the slats and minimize the heat seeping through the windows from the outside.

This works in the same way as heating. The rooms remain cooler so there’s less need for the air con. You’re protecting the environment by not burning through more fossil fuels.

While faux wood blinds in Bellingham don’t break down at the end of their use, they are still excellent for the environment. These are designed to last decades to protect Mother Nature.

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