3 Common Myths About Motorized Blinds in Bellingham

Motorized blinds in Bellingham aren’t the cheapest options on the market, but that isn’t something to go by. They’re long-term window coverings that are going to be great for investments into the home.

You’ve likely heard of some of the downsides of motorized window treatments. Some of these downsides are true, but there are also myths that need to be debunked. Here are the three most common myths about motorized blinds and shades.

They Take a Lot of Upkeep

Whenever it comes to anything that’s got a motor, you’ll hear all about the upkeep needed to keep them working. This is especially the case with motorized blinds in Bellingham. It turns out they don’t need as much upkeep as you would initially think.

They will require some dusting and cleaning. This helps to keep the motors free from anything that could stop them working the way they’re supposed to. You can make this part of your regular cleaning schedule when it comes to wiping down your blinds.

They don’t require a lot of extra work. You also don’t need anything special for the cleaning process. There’s no need to worry about that extra cost of getting motorized window coverings.

They Don’t Last Long

If you’re paying the money for motorized blinds in Bellingham, you want to make sure they’re an investment. So, it’s concerning when people hear that the motors don’t last that long. You may hear people say that they last five years and need to be replaced.

This isn’t the truth. The batteries in the motors will need to be replaced if you opt for this mechanism. Usually, they’re running on normal batteries, although some may need the C or D batteries. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on specialist batteries for the system. If you run on the electricity in the home, you don’t have to worry about battery replacement.

There are times that some of the motor elements will need to be replaced. However, there is a good warranty on them, and you won’t need to replace the whole system for decades to come.

They Use Up a Lot of Electricity

There is a concern that you’re going to use up a lot of electricity when they’re wired in. This isn’t actually the case. Motorized blinds in Bellingham don’t take up a lot of power to use. You’re only using the power when you operate the blinds, so the exact use is all going to depend on how often you use the blinds.

The systems are environmentally friendly. They’re designed not to be big power wasters, otherwise nobody would want to add them to their homes!

Most motorized blinds will also have a battery backup, if they’re connected to the mains. This is just in case the power goes out, so you can still use your window coverings day and night.

There are a lot of naysayers about motorized blinds in Bellingham. There are even reasons not to get them. The three myths above are not a reason not to get window coverings.

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