Why You May Want Drapes with Your Plantation Shutters in Austin

Plantation shutters in Austin are great options for all sorts of needs throughout the year. There are a few limitations though, especially when it comes to color and style. There are times that you’ll want to double up your windows with drapes.

This can seem like just some extra money, but you’ll benefit in the long run. Here’s when you may want to consider adding drapes with your plantation shutters.

When You Want to Add Color to Your Room

You’re going to likely buy plantation shutters in Austin in white. You may get a natural wood color, especially if you work with real wood, but white shutters are among the most popular. They’re neutral to work with all décor needs, and they’re going to work well for any HOA rules.

That doesn’t mean you don’t want color in your room. You’ll want to work with seasonal décors, or you may want to change up the color scheme every few years. The last thing you’re going to do is change the plantation shutters. They are a huge investment in the home and designed to last for decades. You need to add color another way.

Drapes are perfect for this. You can have different colors to work with seasonal needs as they’re easy to store, and they’re affordable to change out every five years or so when you change up the décor in the home. You quickly and easily add color around your windows.

When You Want to Add Texture Around the Windows

It’s not just about color. Plantation shutters in Austin tend to sit within the window frame. There’s nothing wrong with this, as you get clean lines. The downside is that you end up with windows that can look a little boring.

You want texture around the windows. The plantation shutters sink into the window frames, and you’ll want something that sits on the outside and stands out. This is where drapes are perfect. They will quickly add texture around your windows, drawing the attention to the beautiful space.

When You Want Extra Insulation

While Austin isn’t known for a lot of cold, there have been times where the winter temperatures have dropped. Does anybody need reminding of winter 2021? Well, you will want to keep the home warm throughout the winter. Plantation shutters in Austin are great for this, but you could do with extra insulation. That’s what a set of drapes will offer.

The drapes can pull across the shutters. You’ll close up the louvers first, and then you’ll have the material of the drapes over the top. The heat isn’t going to get the chance to escape the home, making your space much warmer than it already is. You’ll save money on your heating bills while having a beautiful space at the same time.

Plantation shutters in Austin are great, and you don’t need to replace them. All you need to do is add an extra layer around your windows. Drapes offer great decorative and practical benefits as a secondary window covering.

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