Which Types of Blinds Are Best As Skylight Blinds in Austin?

When you have a skylight, you need to get a window covering for it. This window is going to let in a lot of heat and light, and that means you want to gain back some control. Skylight blinds in Austin are available, and they come in a variety of styles.

Now you need to figure out the best type of blind for your skylights. Not all are going to work the way you hoped, so you need to get the right style and material. Here are the best types of blinds to consider.

Opt for Solar Shades to Block the Light

You want to manage the UV rays rather than block all the light coming through. That means finding skylight blinds in Austin that will filter everything. The best option for this is solar shades.

Solar shades are light filtering options. They will block the UV glare coming through, but they don’t block the natural light. This is great to keep the room light throughout the day. You don’t need to turn on internal lights just to be able to see what you’re doing.

There are some downsides, though. You don’t gain many heating benefits on a night with these shades. They’re not the best for insulation, which means they don’t block the heat loss on a night. They can also cause privacy problems, although that’s not an issue with most skylights.

Cellular Shades Offer More Heating Benefits

If you want something that is going to block the heat loss, you’ll want cellular shades as your skylight blinds in Austin. They trap the heat trying to escape in the cells, circulating some of it back into the room and holding onto some of it to minimize the amount of heat that tries to get through the window.

These shades will block some of the light coming through the skylight, though. It’s not just the glare, but some of the natural light as well. The good news is you can move the cellular shades back and forth to let in some of the light when there’s no direct glare causing discomfort and rising temperatures.

Roller Shades Made of Fabric or PVC

It could be worth looking at getting roller shades as your skylight blinds in Austin. These types of shades are great for managing light, temperatures, and privacy. You can also easily add color with your shades if you want.

Fabric roller shades are the most popular. They can help to manage some of the light coming through, avoiding a complete block. However, there are times that you want a blackout effect. PVC roller shades are thin enough to move around but thick enough to block out all the light. Just keep in mind this means internal lights during the day.

There are some excellent options when it comes to skylight blinds in Austin. Now you need to look at all your options to find the best style of blinds for your skylight and the needs of the room.

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