How to Coordinate Your Blinds and Shades in Austin to Your Home

You know it’s time to upgrade your blinds and shades in Austin. There are all these choices, and you’re not sure where to start. Something that you will want to think about is getting something that coordinates with your décor or the way your home looks right now.

Not sure where to even start with this? Here are our top tips to coordinate your window coverings to elements around your home.

Work with the Period of the Home

Take a look at features around the room. Do you have intricate details along the tops of doors and windows? Maybe you have poles or beams that connect to a certain century. If you have a home from a particular period, you want to work with that style for your blinds and shades in Austin. Get something that would have worked for that time period.

What if you have a modern home? This is much easier to coordinate with. You’ll want to work with the modern styles of window coverings, which is going to be everything that’s on offer.

Work with the Trimmings and Moldings

What are your windows like? Do you have trimmings and moldings around them? Maybe you have a baseboard that’s in a specific style. You’ll want to work with these when it comes to choosing your blinds and shades in Austin.

This isn’t just important for coordinating styles. You’ll need to make sure your blinds are going to sit in the windows properly. It’s important to get the most out of any window covering you choose.

Work with the Wall Colors

You’ll also need to think about the colors of your blinds and shades in Austin. How do you do this? Well, if you have walls painted a specific color, you’ll want to work with that. If you’re renting, you’ll likely have that egg white or slightly yellow builder’s paint. These colors are easy to work with. You can pick whatever color you want for your décor.

What if you’ve picked different colors for your walls? You’ll need to make sure any color you choose for your window coverings work with that color. Consider neutral colors for your window coverings to help your walls stand out instead of clashing.

Work with the Room Size

It’s also important to look at room size for blinds and shades in Austin. The window coverings are going to affect the amount of light comes in. If you have a small space, you’ll want to make sure you let in as much light as possible into your home. This helps to make the space look larger.

If you have a large room, consider muting some of the light. You want to reduce the amount that is reflected around the space to help make the space look a little smaller and cozier.

It’s not too hard to coordinate your blinds and shades in Austin with your home. Start by getting the styles right for the period of the space and then work on colors.

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