Are Accordion Shutters in Austin Strong?

When it comes to living in Austin, you know that strong winds, hurricanes, and tornados are a problem. You need exterior window coverings that are strong to deal with all this. Friends have mentioned accordion shutters in Austin, but are they the right option for you?

Part of this is going to depend on the material you get. You want to get durable material, and metal shutters tend to be the favored option for exterior needs. You can also get real wood shutters. Here’s why accordion shutters are going to be right for you.

They Work for Patio Doors Too

Accordion shutters in Austin aren’t just good for the windows. You can use them for patio doors and large sliding windows. They work on a hinge, so you can add as many panels as you need to cover the entire area of glass. This helps to prevent any sort of breakage during the high winds when the debris flies everywhere.

They remain strong even with the extra doors. It’s the way the hinges will work back and forth that help to offer some strength. We’ll get to that.

It’s All About the Material

You need to get the right material for your accordion shutters in Austin. Metal shutters are great. You’ll usually find aluminum shutters are the preferred option because of the durability of the material. One of the best things is that this material doesn’t succumb to water damage. It won’t rust over time, which means you don’t see the material break down.

There’s little upkeep for aluminum shutters. You’ll want to clean them every now and then to avoid dirt buildup in the hinges, but other than that, you’re not going to need any special materials to protect the metal.

You can get wooden shutters. These will need extra maintenance to protect from the wet weather. However, they are sturdy to withstand the debris flying toward them during high winds.

Work the Hinges Back and Forth

As the wind blows, the accordion shutters in Austin will move. You can use the hinges to your advantage. Some hinges will bend inward while the others don’t. This is the best way to keep flexibility while the shutters are in use.

If you have all the hinges the same way, you run the risk of damage. The shutters can blow into the glass, causing breakages that way. Or you can end up with no flexibility at all, and the hinges buckle as they try to hold up against the wind. With the hinges working in opposite directions with each section, the shutters sway just a little to remain standing and continue to protect the windows.

Make sure you look after the hinges. This is the part of the shutters that will be the weakest, and they’ll need cleaning out and drying regularly to avoid rusting.

It is worth investing in accordion shutters in Austin. They are among the most durable window coverings available to withstand the Texan storms. They’re perfect for both windows and doors.

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