Will Plantation Shutters in Placentia Make a Room Look Dark?

You want to get something new for the windows. Plantation shutters in Placentia look beautiful, and you’ve heard all about the benefits they offer. The problem is they seem to make a room look dark. You’re looking at photos online, and you can see how they’re blocking the natural light getting in.

It’s important to allow daylight into your home. Some rooms need more natural light than others, but you want to get some in every room at certain points of the day for your own mental health. Are plantation shutters the wrong options for you?

Twist the Louvers to Manage the Levels of Light

Plantation shutters in Placentia will certainly block all the light if you have the louvers sitting in a certain position. This is when you close up the louvers completely, creating what looks like a door around your windows. The idea is that you block all the light shining through, creating a blackout effect in your home.

This is great when you want to get sleep during the day. It’s also great if you want to create a home theater and watch darker movies in the daytime. But what about the rooms where you want the daylight to shine through?

The good news is you can twist those louvers. They don’t always need to be in the closed position. You can twist them to allow as much light as you want in. Sit them parallel to the floor to let all the light in. Or you can open the shutter doors to let the natural light shine through the window clearly.

Make Sure the Shutters Sit Properly

If you do want to create a blackout effect, you’ll need to make sure you get the right plantation shutters in Placentia. It’s essential that you get something that doesn’t have a gap anywhere around the edges. Poorly fitted shutters will have small gaps that allow some of the light to shine through. It can be just a slither, but it’s off-putting.

Plus, these gaps are a downside for other reasons. You have a small space where the heat is going to escape through. That slither allows people on the outside to see when you’re in on a night as the light from inside the home shines through. You lose that privacy.

Material Doesn’t Affect Anything

There is some good news when it comes to choosing plantation shutters in Placentia. All shutters are going to come in some sort of solid material. You can’t get fabric shutters. They just don’t make sense. So, you don’t have to worry too much about the material for the blackout benefits.

The main reason to look at material is for longevity. Will the material be worth the investment? It’s not going to affect the amount of light that gets into your home. That comes down to the louvers.

Plantation shutters in Placentia will make your room look dark if you have the louvers closed. The good news is you can twist the louvers, so you let some natural light in your room when you need to.

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