Will Faux Wood Blinds in Placentia Help Manage the Heat?

It’s the summer months, which means the temperatures in the home are rising. You need to find window treatments that will manage the heat levels without blocking all the light from your home. It’s time to look at faux wood blinds in Placentia.

These are among the most beneficial window treatments for the air conditioning bills. They’ll block the rays and help to keep your temperatures more consistent. Here’s how and why faux wood blinds help.

An Instant Block of the Rays

The biggest reason heat rises in the summer months is because of the UV rays shining through your windows. It can make what should be a comfortable day turn your home into a sauna. You want to get a set of faux wood blinds in Placentia to manage that.

The material will immediately block the rays shining through. Whether you have complete vinyl or a wood composite, the rays can’t get through the slats of the blinds. You’ll immediately offer a cooler room.

You’ll need to make sure the slats are completely closed. You don’t want to give the UV rays a way into the home.

Allowing Natural Light to Shine Through

Even when the slats are shut, you can still allow some natural light into your home. Sometimes, just closing the blinds slightly will help to manage the temperatures. Leave a small gap at the top of the slats to let the natural light shine through.

Some of this will depend on the coloring of your faux wood blinds in Placentia. If you have darker colors, you’ll find the light doesn’t reflect into the home as well. Lighter colored blinds will help to keep the natural light shining in.

Faux Wood Blinds in Placentia Can Still Help Air Flow

The slats don’t prevent the air from getting into your home. If you have a breeze outside, you can allow it into your home. You’ll still be able to keep the slats closed to prevent the UV rays from getting in.

The slats don’t completely seal. The air flow will still get through the small gaps and into the home. You keep a constant flow of air to help prevent humidity buildup and stuffiness in the home, which can lead to higher temperatures during the day.

Light Colors for Light Reflection

We’ve already mentioned lighter colors for your faux wood blinds in Placentia to allow the natural light to reflect into your home. This isn’t the only type of reflection that you want. The lighter colors will also reflect the UV rays back out of your home, helping to keep them out.

Darker colors will absorb heat and rays. This makes the area around your window feel warmer, and that heat as to go somewhere so will spread around your room. You’ll find the air conditioning is needed more.

You may be surprised by the way faux wood blinds in Placentia can help manage heat levels throughout the summer months. It’s time to consider them for your home to reduce your air con use.

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