Why You Should Consider Single Curtain Panels in Orange

If you’re going to get curtains, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for two curtain panels in Orange. You get them to sit either side of the window, creating a symmetrical look.

This has just seemed to be the standard thing for windows. However, there are benefits in opting for single curtain panels for your windows. Here’s why you should consider getting just one panel for each window.

You’ll Save Money on the Unnecessary Fabric

We do need to start with the cost. Getting two curtain panels in Orange could be completely unnecessary. You may not even have enough window to justify two lots of material, leading to a waste of money. Sure, your curtains look symmetrical, but is that a good enough reason for extra material and extra waste?

When you get one panel, you save money. You save material. And the panel will still be effective and look good. The difference is you have a panel that only sits on one side of the window.

They Work the Same Way as Sliding Windows

If you have sliding windows, you’ll want to look into single curtain panels in Orange. You want something that doesn’t get in the way of the sliding windows, so you need to find something that works in the same direction. You can open and close your single panel in the same direction the window will open and close.

When you have two panels and you slide the window open, the material on one side can blow around. It can get caught in furniture around the window or it can just get distracting while you’re sitting in the same room as the window. The single panel sits on the side the window isn’t open making the blowing around less likely.

Single Curtain Panels in Orange Stay Out of the Way

As mention, two panels can end up causing problems when the window is open. But that’s not the only way the single panel stays out of the way. You can keep it out of the way of the opening and closing mechanism of the window easily.

You’ll also find the panel can stay out of the way of furniture. It’s possible to put furniture on one side of your window without thinking about whether you’ll trap the material of your curtains.

You Can Manage Glare and Light Easily

Single curtain panels in Orange can be highly beneficial for managing glare and light. When you have double panels, there’s the risk of blocking out too much light when you’re just trying to manage the glare. It feels wrong to only pull one panel on partway, so you pull them both on.

With a single panel, you can sit it in the middle of the window to only block the glare. You have the light shining through either side of that single panel. You gain more control over the amount of glare and light that comes through the window.

It’s time to consider single curtain panels in Orange. You may be surprised by how good they look in the home.

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