Why You Should Add a Cornice in Yorba Linda

While you’re looking at window treatments, you’re not just looking for coverings. You want to make the windows stand out, and a cornice in Yorba Linda could be just what the house doctor ordered.

A cornice is an additional item over the top of the window. It’s made of wood, usually with a pattern that matches the woodwork elsewhere around the home, whether it’s the window frame or the baseboards. A cornice can be the same color as the window frame or completely different.

Why should you get one for your home? Here’s why they look so great on all windows.

They Add Definition to the Window Frames

The window frame is a great way to start some definition, but it doesn’t always create the texture you’re looking for. Even if you paint it a different color to the standard white, it doesn’t always stand out in the way you want. You need window treatments for the texture and definition.

A cornice is Yorba Linda is the place to turn for definition. It sticks out from the window much more than the frame does. It can draw attention to the window frames in a way plain frames wouldn’t.

A Cornice in Yorba Linda Hides the Top of Window Coverings

A major benefit of the right type of cornice is hiding your window coverings. If you have a set of blinds, you can use the cornice to cover around the top, making it impossible to see the blinds when they’re completely open. You can also hide your rods for the drapes, in a way that a valance would do so.

The cornice is a fixture. It doesn’t need replacing or changing, with the material lasting for decades. You always have something that looks good and hides some of the more unsightly parts of your windows.

You Can Add Lights to the Material

You can even make your cornice in Yorba Linda useful. It’s possible to add lights to the material, whether you place them over the top or under the bottom. This is a great way to showcase something in your windows if you want or just add more light to the room.

You’ll have the lights placed on the wall. The cornice then covers the lights, making it look like you have a holder for them. You’ll just need to make sure the material is right for your needs.

You Can Add Color to the Window Quickly

It’s possible to add color to your cornice in Yorba Linda. This is a great way to continue adding definition to your home. It’s a chance to add your personality to this space.

You can’t always add color to the windows. Your housing association may have bylaws preventing that. What they can’t do is stop you from adding color to bits that can’t be seen from the outside. Your cornice is your best friend for this.

Add more definition and style to your windows. Now is the time to get a cornice in Yorba Linda for each of your windows.

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