Why You Need to Get Dual Roller Shades in Orange This Winter

There are so many types of window treatments. When it comes to changing yours, you can get stuck in the world of overwhelming choices. Narrow things down by looking at roller shades in Orange.

Roller shades are affordable and easy to use, but you don’t want standard roller shades. It’s time to look at the dual options. These are where you get two shades in one: a solar shade and a room darkening/blackout shade. Here’s why you need one for the winter.

You Block the Glare from the Snow without Losing Light

One if the biggest concerns in the winter is getting natural light in your home. The overcast days make the home dark, and you often want to let as much natural light in as possible. You then just have to deal with the glare.

It’s difficult in the winter. Not only do you have the glare from the sjy, but also the glare from the snow as the sun reflects. The solar part of the roller shades in Orange are excellent for this. They allow all the light in without the glare.

They Add Color to Your Home

With darker winter months, you want to create a happy space around your home. This is another benefit of dual window treatments. It’s a benefit of all fabric window coverings, but dual has all the other benefits on top.

You get to choose the colors. You can opt for neutral if you want, but you can also pick your favorite color. Or you can opt for yellow to make it feel like summer in the home. With the right color, you’ll set the tone for the room and boost everyone’s mood immediately.

Dual Roller Shades in Orange Are Thicker

Then you want to think abou the heating benefits. The solar element doesn’t offer great heating benefits in the winter, but you’ve got the room darkening or blackout element to work with it. Both together, you create a thicker blind that covers your window.

It's harder for the heat to escape through the windows. Overnight, your heat remains in the house, keeping temperatures more consistent. You won’t feel the need to put the heating on as much, and you’ll feel much more comfortable in your home.

You Get Maximum Light Control Throughout the Day and Night

Finally, it’s all about light control. You’ve already seen how the roller shades in Orange will block the glare, but what about other light benefits? The room darkening/blackout shade part of the window covering is good for this.

With a room darkening shade, you’ll block some of the light but not all of it. This is great for a living room or a dining room. If you opt for a dual shade with a blackout layer, you block all light coming in and out, excellent for bedrooms. The choice will be up to you.

Are you looking to replace your window coverings this winter? Now is the time to look at dual roller shades in Orange for maximum benefits.

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