Which Type of Window Shades in Placentia Are Best for Managing the Summer Heat?

Summer is just around the corner, and that means your air con use is going to go up. With the rising cost of living, you’ll want to look at more natural ways to manage the heat. Your window shades in Placentia can help you to do this, but what are your best options?

There are some beautiful options available. Here are the ones you’ll want to consider to help manage the summer heat in your home.

Opt for Solar Window Shades in Placentia

The first style to look into is a set of solar shades. These have very special material that make it possible to block the UV rays without blocking any of the natural light. It’s like there’s no change at all in your home, but you’re blocking the reason for the rising temperatures. It is the UV rays hitting the glass and shining through the windows that cause the higher temperatures in the home.

You will also gain privacy. The solar shades will block the view coming from whichever direction the light shines from. So, during the day, the light shines from the outside and blocks the view from the outside. You’ll need a secondary window covering for the evening in the more private rooms of the home.

Look Into Cellular Shades for the Home

If you want something that is good for the whole year, you’ll want to look at cellular window shades in Placentia. They are excellent for managing temperatures during the winter and summer.

How do they help in the summer? It’s all about the way the material covers the windows, blocking the heat from getting through the windows. You’ll block the UV rays. While there is some light loss, it’s not a lot so you can still make the most of your home during the day.

Another benefit is how the air con can circulate around the home better. As it moves around the space, it will get trapped in the cells and then circulate back into the home. With better air flow, you end up using the air con less and still sit comfortably in the space.

Opt for Woven Wood Shades for Great Results

Look into woven wood window shades in Placentia. These usually come in bamboo, but there are other wood materials to consider. The woven element to them helps to manage the light so you don’t end up with a blackout effect during the day.

Woven wood has small gaps in the material. These gaps aren’t big enough to see through, and they won’t let the UV rays into the home. Instead, they help to filter the light so you still get daylight when the shades are pulled down. You will gain privacy day and night, unlike solar shades.

The material will block the UV rays. They can also block the air conditioning from trying to escape through the windows, making the cooler temperatures in the home more consistent.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on window shades in Placentia to manage the summer heat. It’s just about getting the right style.

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