What’s the Best Way to Hang Drapery in Anaheim Hills?

Now that you have drapery in Anaheim Hills, you’ll need to look for the best way to hang them on your windows. There are a few options available.

Most drapes will come with the holes at the top for you to slide the rods through. However, are you best using the holes on their own, or should you get rings or hooks to use on the rods instead? Here is a look at all your options.

Use the Drapery in Anaheim Hills Without Rings

The holes are there for a reason. In most cases, they’ve been added to your drapes so you don’t need to get anything else. You’ll pleat the drapes and then just slide the rod through the eyes. You’ll find that these holes have some sort of metal or plastic ring inside them to keep them sturdy and protect the material from damage.

Why add extra items to your home when you don’t need them? The holes are already fit for purpose, and you’ll end up saving money by not getting the rings. Plus, the hooks and rings can end up looking a little bit tacky if you get the wrong style.

It doesn’t matter if you mount the drapery in Anaheim Hills on the inside of the frame or the outside. You can use the holes already in the material.

Get Rings If You Want the Drapes to Hang a Little Lower

There are times that you don’t want the drapes to run across the rod directly. This could be if you need the drapes to hang just a little bit lower due to where you have to place the rod in the first place. Just keep in mind that this isn’t going to look as good as if you just hang the drapes as normal.

There are different types of rings that you can get. It’s worth looking for something that matches the rod. This way, it looks like the rings are just an addition to the rod and not something extra you’ve gone out to buy. Some rods will come with hooks and rings to work for drapes that require them.

Using a hook or ring is good if the holes of the curtains are too small for the rod. At least you can still hang them easily around your windows.

When There Aren’t Any Holes

Some drapery in Anaheim Hills will come without any holes in them. This happens more with the decorative drapes than the ones that have the linings and are designed to be just as practical as other window coverings. There are ways to hang these drapes.

You’ll need rings that have clips on them. This is the best way to hang the drapes without damaging the material. You will find the clips leave some marks, but you can iron them out if you ever need to.

Another option is to make small holes and use rings that way. This runs the risk of damaging the fraying the material.

There are a few options when it comes to hanging drapery in Anaheim Hills. The basic rule is if the holes are there with the metal or plastic rings to protect the material, you’ll want to hang directly.

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