What Size Drapery in Placentia Do You Need for Your Home?

When you choose drapery in Placentia, there are still a few considerations you need to make. One of those is the length of your drapes or curtains.

How long do they really need to be? Should they touch the floor or are you looking for something that’s shorter? Is there a right or wrong answer?

It’s all doing to depend on the type of windows you have, the size of the room, and things that sit around your window. Here’s how to decide on the size of drapes you should get for your home.

Is It an Otherwise Empty Space?

Let’s initially start with anything that is around your windows. If your space is empty except for the windows, then you may want to cover that space. Opting for short drapery in Placentia in this space can look odd and off-putting.

If the space doesn’t have anything by the windows, you’ll want to opt for drapes that hang from at least the top of the windows. You may even want to consider drapes that start from the midway point between the top of the window and the ceiling.

Then you want the drapes to hang to the floor. If you have an air vent that sits along the bottom of the window, get drapes or curtains that just hang above this to avoid blocking the air. Your drapes fit in with the open space.

If you have furniture by the windows, you’ll want to consider shorter drapes. This helps to avoid the drapes getting in the way of the furniture.

Do You Have High Ceilings?

High ceilings mean you have large walls. This can sometimes mean that the walls and windows don’t quite match in size and you’re left looking for a way to cover the disproportionality. You’ll want to look at larger drapery in Placentia to work with this.

Hang the drapes from the midway point between window and ceiling and let them reach the floor. You’ll cover this extra space to avoid getting that feeling of having a room that is too large. You’ll also get rid of the problem of echoing in the room as the material becomes a sound dampener.

If you have shorter ceilings, you may want to consider smaller drapes. Get something that just covers the windows so you don’t make the space feel much smaller than it already is.

How Larger Are the Windows for Drapery in Placentia?

You’ll also want to consider the size of the windows. If you have small windows, you’re not going to want to have large drapes unless you have high ceilings. They end up disproportionate. Get something small that sits just within the window.

If you have large windows, you’re going to need larger drapes. After all, you need something that covers the window to offer all the benefits you want to gain from your window treatments.

What size drapery in Placentia is going to be right for you? Consider the space where the windows are, along with the size of the windows to get the right option for you.

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