What Color Plantation Shutters in Placentia Should You Buy?

You’ve decided that you want a set of plantation shutters in Placentia for each of the rooms in your home. This is a great decision to make. They certainly offer a number of benefits. Now you just need to find a set that will fit with your rooms’ décors.

 One of the biggest questions before buying is about color. Which color plantation shutter should you get for your room? Is there a right or wrong answer?

 Stick with White to Build Upon

 One of the best colors you can choose for your plantation shutters in Placentia is white. You’ll find that the majority of plantation shutters come in this color, which makes it much easier to source the type and size you want. The cost will also remain lower by choosing white.

 You also gain a number of aesthetic benefits from getting white. The color is completely neutral, meaning it’s much easier to work in with your current décor. It doesn’t matter which room you’re putting the shutters in.

 When it comes to making changes to your room décor, you’ll find the shutters work in your favor. You have a neutral base color to build upon.

 White plantation shutters also offer other benefits. Because of the light color, the natural light will reflect around the home, meaning your space will look larger than it really is. However, you don’t have to deal with glare or UV rays because of the louvers helping to redirect the light. On top of that, the reflection of the light helps to keep your home cool or hot depending on the season. 

Choose One Color in Your Décor

 Work with the current décor for your plantation shutters in Placentia. Pick something that stands out, whether you’re working with the throws on your furniture or a coloring within the walls.

 However, you’ll want to avoid too many colors in the space. If your walls have multiple colors, choosing white can be your best friend. However, white walls with one or two spots of color will work well with colored plantation shutters. Pick one of the two colors. 

You can also work with the coloring of your woodwork. If you’ve chosen the same wood around the home, pick that color to complement the space. This makes your plantation shutters look like natural wood, adding a little extra value to your space.

 Choose Your Favorite Color 

Sometimes, your plantation shutters in Placentia are just the start of your décor. In this case, you can pick a color from here to build upon around the home. If you don’t want “boring” white, you could pick your favorite color. With vinyl shutters, you’ll usually find that painting in a color of your choice is relatively easy.

 Build around this coloring in your décor. Avoid excess amounts of color in your home to avoid overwhelm. You want to make your shutters pop against more neutral colors around the room.

 There’s not a wrong or right answer for color of plantation shutters in Placentia. White will be easier to source and easier to work with in the long term, but there’s nothing from stopping you choosing your own favorite color.

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