Should You Get Light Colored Window Treatments in Villa Park for the Winter?

While we’re getting close to the end of winter, another winter is just around the corner. This is a great time to look at new window treatments in Villa Park for the time of year. After all, the weather patterns are still fresh in your mind.

Something you’ve noticed is that your house looks small in the dark. You want to add more brightness as much as you can, and that means looking at lighter-colored window coverings. Are these a good idea in the winter months?

Materials Matter More than Color

When it comes to the effectiveness of the window treatments in Villa Park, it’s always going to be about the materials you choose. It doesn’t matter if you get white, black, pink, yellow, or any other color of the rainbow. The color doesn’t matter as much as the material you choose.

So, when it comes to choosing window coverings for the winter, you’ll need to consider the material first. You need something that is going to block the heat from escaping through the windows overnight. It’s important to get something that blocks winter glare without losing natural light. Then there’s the topic of privacy day and night.

Color will help, but nothing on the level of the materials. Make the material choice the top priority. You can always double up your window coverings if you need to, which can allow more choice when it comes to materials and colors.

Color of Window Treatments in Villa Park Boosts the Mood

So, what’s the point in looking into the color of your window coverings? Color will have an impact on your mood. If you choose light blues, whites, and other frosty colors, you’ll bring the sense of the cold into your home. Think about the way those colors are used in winter paintings and prints. Do you want a sense of the cold in your home?

When you want to feel warm in the house, you need to use warmer colors. Still, want blue? Use a darker blue, one that reminds you of the warm water at a beach. Prefer to think of the sun or a burning fire? Yellow and orange are popular colors for window coverings.

The color will help to boost the mood when you walk in. By mentally feeling warmer, you’ll use the heating less.

Color Helps to Widen a Space in the Home

Another reason the color of your window treatments in Villa Park matters is the size of the room. Brighter and lighter colors will make the space look bigger than it really is. You help to reflect the light around the room, opening the space.

If you have small rooms, you want to make them psychologically look bigger. If you pick darker colors, you’ll feel warm but you also allow the colors to absorb the light. Those small rooms look much more cramped.

Now is a good time to get ready for next winter, even if you just look at options to buy closer to the time. Start looking at the color of the window treatments in Villa Park.

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