Should You Choose the Same Tone for Wooden Blinds in Placentia?

You want to get wooden blinds in Placentia for each of your windows. This is a great choice for a variety of reasons, especially with real wood blinds. You protect the environment during the use and afterward.

Now you need to think about the color and style of wood blinds. You can get different tones of woods. Can you mix and match the tones in your home?

Single Tones Will Create a Uniform Approach

While you could opt for different wood tones in your rooms, you want to consider the effect this has on you mentally. You may be surprised by the way the lack of uniformity can create chaos in your mind. A single tone for all your wooden blinds in Placentia immediately creates a sense of uniformity and calm around your home.

Think about what you’d do with other types of window coverings. If you have drapes, you wouldn’t choose two different colors to hang either side, would you? There’s little chance that you’d have one window covered with red drapes and another window in the same room with blue drapes. You want that consistency in the room.

The same applies to wooden blinds. You want the same wood tone for consistency in the living space.

Consider Your Flooring to Work with Wooden Blinds in Placentia

There are times that multiple colors can work. This all depends on your flooring.

If you have hardwood floors, do they have the same grain of wood on all panels? Maybe you chose an artistic flooring with two different wood tones that complement each other.

You want to use the flooring as your base. When considering custom blinds, try to match your window treatments to the floor, especially when it comes to matching the wood. If you have a single tone for the flooring, you want to use that same coloring for your window treatments.

When you have different tones in the wood, you can use them both in your windows. Work with the same coloring. The question now is whether you alternate the slats, or you choose one set of blinds in one color and another set of blinds in a different color. You’ll want to consider what works for the décor.

Choose a Secondary Layer to Complement Your Blinds

Instead of choosing different tones for your wooden blinds in Placentia, you could consider a secondary layer. This will bring the texture that you’re looking for with the different wood tones. You’ll also be able to work with neutral tones and brighter tones without too much hassle.

Drapes tend to make great secondary layers. They offer quick benefits, or they can just be used for decorative purposes. You can work with that second tone you’re considering without being distracting or worrying about bringing messiness to your home mentally.

You can get away with different tones for your window blinds in Placentia, but it doesn’t always work. Consider your flooring and look at other ways to bring texture to your windows through secondary window treatments.

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