Should Roman Shades in Villa Park Go In Front or Behind Curtains?

You may have decided to have two window coverings working together. Doubling up treatments is popular and using roman shades in Villa Park with drapes or curtain is one of the ways to do it.

You’ll gain a range of benefits by doubling up. Now you just need to make sure you double up in the right way. Should you place your roman shades in front or behind the curtains?

Behind Curtains Is the Most Traditional Option

We start with the traditional way of hanging two window coverings. When you have drapes as a secondary layer, you’ll usually find that they hang in front. Whether it’s roller shades, blinds, or even roman shades in Villa Park, you’ll find that they hang the closest to the window.

This just looks the best. People expect the drapes to hang on the outside of the window, becoming the secondary layer. The drapes are likely to sit open, which means they need the space to hang at the sides of the windows. Having them hanging from behind another window covering can look odd.

This may depend on the type of drapes or curtains though. If you have linen curtains, you may find that they hang better closer to the window. Your curtains are likely closed all the time with the roman shades being used as a secondary layer.

It Depends on the Mounting for Roman Shades in Villa Park

Something to consider is the mounting of the window coverings. In a lot of cases, you’ll mount one window covering on the inside of the window frame and the other on the outside. Usually, the roman shade is mounted on the inside, with the drapes hanging from the outside, just above the top of the window.

That’s not always going to be the case, though. Your window frame may not be deep enough for shades to hang but be find for the drapes. In this case, you’re going to hang the drapes closest to the window and opt for the shades to hang over the top from just above the top of the window.

Know Which Window Treatment Is the Primary One

You’ll want to consider which window covering is going to be the primary layer. Which one are you going to use the most? This layer is usually the one to hang the closest to the window.

The roman shades in Villa Park are traditionally the primary window covering with the drapes or curtains as a secondary. You’ll use the shades for the main light control and privacy. They can also be good for heating during the day. On a night, you’ll use the drapes for the extra insulation.

However, there are times that your drapes will be the primary layer. This is especially the case with sheer drapes to block the glare and offer year-round privacy. You want easier assess to the window covering you’ll open and close as a secondary layer, which means it needs to hang on the outside.

Doubling up your window treatments is highly beneficial. Now you just need to figure out how you’re handing your curtains with your roman shades in Villa Park.

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