Motorized Shades vs. Shutters in Orange: Which Is Best for Your Home?

You want something permanent when it comes to window treatments in the home. That’s especially the case when you have bought your forever home. The two most popular permanent fixtures are motorized shades or shutters in Orange.

Which one is going to be right for your needs? It’s going to depend on what you want to gain from your window treatments in the long term. Here are the top factors to consider when it comes to finding the best options.

Do You Want ‘Lazy’ Window Coverings?

Motorized shades are considered “lazy” options when it comes to your window treatments. You can sit back and control everything from the comfort of your couch. That’s not the case for something like shutters in Orange, which tend to be coverings you need to stand up and manage.

There’s nothing particularly lazy about motorized treatments when you consider all the benefits. They’re perfect for those with mobility problems, and they offer you the chance to control the shades in multiple rooms at the same time to gain as many financial benefits as possible. They’re practical, not lazy!

Would You Like to Control By Remote or Voice?

What about when you want to control your window coverings while you’re out? This is common for many people, gaining all the financial benefits of their window coverings when they’re at work. If you work late, you can make sure the shades are closed as soon as it gets dark, trapping the heat in the room so it’s more comfortable.

Motorized shades can also be connected to smart devices. You can control by voice with Alexa or Google. You’ll be amazed by how much easier your home is.

Do You Want Something Classic Like Shutters in Orange?

What about when you want that classic look? There are many types of window coverings that offer this, but shutters are, by far, the best options. They are usually made of faux wood and tend to be painted white. This gives that neutral look that matches all types of décor in the home.

From the outside, they match. They help to make your home look timeless. Shades and blinds can distract from a décor in the home if they’re not managed right.

Would You Prefer Low-Maintenance Options?

If you want low maintenance, you’ll want to consider shutters in Orange. It’s very uncommon to need to remove them and give them a deep clean. This is usually a spring-cleaning process, but even then, you can work around them while they’re hanging. Give them a dust every week and wipe down the louvers properly once a month and you’ll get rid of dust and grime buildup easily.

They’re less like to break down. The motor in motorized blinds will eventually give away and need replacing, no matter how much you look after it. You don’t need to worry about that happening with shutters, so you have peace of mind that they’ll work at all times.

Which types of window coverings are right for you? Consider what you want and you’ll find the best permanent options between motorized shades and shutters in Orange.

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