How to Work Drapery in Yorba Linda With Your Décor

You’ve chosen to get drapery in Yorba Linda installed in your home. This can be an absolutely beautiful choice but you need it to work with your décor. How do you manage that? Whether you’re adding drapes into current décor or you’re building up from your drapes, here are the top tips to work them with your décor.

 Start with a Neutral Base

 You can opt for neutral drapes. This is great if you want to start fresh with the window treatments, building up from this point. Neutral usually means white or a cream color, often keeping the coloring light.

 Keeping things light helps to add an airiness to the home. You’ll feel like the space is wider. In the summer, the airiness can help to make your home is cooler, while in the winter the airiness can help to make it feel like the air is flowing.

 When you have a neutral base, changing your room’s décor is easy. If you like to add items from the seasons around the home all the time, you’ll want to think about a neutral base around your windows.

 Go Bold with Drapery in Yorba Linda

 Your drapes can be the best way to bring a splash of color to your home. If you’re working with current décor, look at the coloring you already have in the space. Choose one color for your drapes and add it into the space. You’ll accentuate that color within the space. 

When you’re starting with the drapes, you can choose a bold color in your preferred shade. This is perfect for adding your own personality to the room. Then you can add that one color into other parts of your décor, such as through the odd ornament or with throws and pillows for your couch.

 Avoid going over the top with your bold colors. You may also want to think about a set of white sheer drapery in Yorba Linda as a base to protect the fabric of your bold colored drapes.

 Keep Neutrally Dark

 Instead of choosing a light neutral color, you can work with a darker color. Most people will opt for a navy blue, dark brown, or black. There’s nothing wrong with choosing drapes in these darker colors.

 Yes, the colors will make a space look smaller. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. There are so many other benefits to darker colored window coverings.

 If you’re dressing the windows in a bedroom, you certainly want to consider the darker drapery in Linda Yorba. Dark colors will create a blackout effect. Even if they’re not standard blackout drapes, you’ll cut out the majority of the light coming in through the windows, making it much easier to sleep. Depending on the thickness, you could also help to dampen some of the noise coming into the space.

 You’ll still want to think about a lighter lining. This helps to protect the drapes from sun damage.

 Work with your décor and the needs for the room. You’ll soon find drapery in Yorba Linda in a color that works perfectly for you.

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