How Solar Shades in Orange Could Offer Benefits in the Winter

When it comes to winter window coverings, solar shades in Orange likely aren’t on your list of items to buy. Maybe you take your solar shades down in the winter months, ready to replace them in the summer. It could be worth keeping them up and just finding a secondary layer to help with the downsides.

Solar shades bring a lot of benefits, even in the winter. Here’s how they could help you.

They’ll Block the Glare

You know about the glare-blocking benefits. One of the reasons you have solar shades in Orange is to block the UV rays in the summer months. You don’t want to get rid of the light, but you do want to get rid of the harmful and uncomfortable rays. Those rays are lightened in the winter, but they don’t go away completely.

You’ll need to block the glare. This glare doesn’t just come from the sky, either. You’ll get reflections from the ground, especially if it’s been snowing. This is great for getting a little extra light, but the glare can be uncomfortable.

Other window coverings may not offer the benefits you want. They may darken the room too much, and then you have to put up with the glare. That’s not the case with solar shades in Orange. You can keep them up and gain the glare-blocking benefits throughout the year. You don’t get many evening benefits, but that’s what your secondary layer is for.

Block the View from People Outside

Even in the winter, you still want privacy in the home. You may want it even more as you find yourself staying in more often. Solar shades are great for this. They block the view into the home throughout the day without losing any of the natural light. You just pull the shades down and the material does all the work for you.

Like in the summer, you don’t get the privacy on a night. The downside in the winter is that the days get darker earlier. So, you need to consider how to manage this with your window coverings. You already have a secondary layer for the summer privacy, so you can have a secondary layer in the winter, right?

It’s worth looking at some thermal curtains. These will help to manage one of the biggest downsides of solar shades in Orange. They don’t do a great job at blocking the heat loss in the winter. So, your thermal drapes will help do that while offering you the privacy that you need on a night. It’s a win-win situation. Plus, thermal curtains and drapes are easy to store in the winter when you want to switch to your thinner options.

Don’t just replace your solar shades in Orange in te winter. They may not be the big problem you think they are. Solar shades can offer a wide variety of benefits during the winter months. You’ll just need some good secondary window coverings to deal with the downsides of them. You’re going to have secondary window coverings in a lot of cases, anyway.

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