How Opaque Should Your Solar Shades in Orange Be?

Solar shades in Orange are excellent for all times of the year. They block the glare from the outside, which is a problem throughout every season. The decision making for your shades isn’t over yet, though.

While you’ll think about colors and prints, you’ll also need to consider the thickness of the material. Just how opaque do you want your solar shades to be?

Traditional Solar Shades Tend to Be on the Thin Side

If you look at traditional solar shades in Orange, you’ll find that they’re on the thin side. You can see through them, which can be a concern. The first concern is whether they actually do their job.

They do. These thinner shades will still filter the light, blocking out the glare but letting all the natural light in. They’re great for managing the glare in the day and protecting your furniture. The downside is on a night.

These types of shades work as a one-way mirror. The view is blocked whichever way the light shines from. During the day, that means the view is blocked from the outside and you can see to the outside easily. During the night, you won’t be able to see outside, but people out there will be able to see in. Privacy is a concern when it comes to this.

You can get over the privacy problems and still enjoy your solar shades in Orange. It’s all about a secondary layer. Drapes are very popular for these thinner shades because they’ll block the view on a night. The drapes can also offer better insulation for heating benefits in the winter.

Get Thicker Solar Shades in Orange for More Privacy

You can now get solar shades that are on the thicker side. They’re a little more like sheer drapes or sheer shades instead of the traditional solar shades.

You’ll get material that is thick enough to block the view. The view is blocked from both the inside and the outside day and night. It doesn’t matter which way the light is shining. You’re not blocking the natural light, though. You’ll still filter it for a more comfortable setting.

The thicker material is great when you want privacy without a secondary layer. Just remember that you still have fabric shades, so you don’t get all the heating benefits in the winter months. You will be able to save on the extra material around the windows, though.

You’ll want to keep the colors light for these thicker solar shades in Orange. Darker colors will make it harder to filter the light through, so you end up with room darkening benefits. This is great if you want to darken instead of filter, but if you’re looking to filter the light, you’ll want to choose lighter colors. When you get the thinner solar shades, you may find darker colors help to manage the privacy problems on a night.

Solar shades in Orange are excellent throughout the year. After all, you always have glare problems. Now it’s time to pick the right thickness of the material.

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