Can You Motorize Your Drapes in Anaheim Hills?

Many people are looking to upgrade their window coverings to something motorized. You love your current drapes in Anaheim Hills, but you want to upgrade the opening and closing mechanism. Can you make your existing drapes motorized?

This depends on the style of drapes you have. Here’s a look at upgrading current drapes and whether it’s worth buying new drapes instead.

It Depends on How the Drapes Sit on the Rods

When it comes to motorizing drapes in Anaheim Hills, you’ll need to look at the way they sit on the rods at the top. You’ll need a system that sits properly on the motorized elements to open and close. If you have drapes with loops that feed through the rods, it is going to be a little harder to motorize them. It’s not impossible, but it is harder.

You’ll want to get drapes that sit on the runner of the motorized element at the top. This ensures the drapes will open and close properly.

It Could Be Time to Upgrade

How long have you had your drapes in Anaheim Hills? One of the great things about upgrading to motorized blinds is that you could upgrade your whole drapes. Is it time to replace them for something new?

If you’ve had your drapes for more than seven years, it could be time to replace them. Drapes start to lose their integrity and they don’t offer all the same benefits they once did. There’s no point adding the motorized mechanism at the top of your existing drapes if they’re not going to last for the years to come. This is a good chance to upgrade to something new.

Even if you haven’t had your drapes for that long, you’ll want to look at the material. Check for any holes that are forming from the UV rays damaging the material. Make sure the lining is still good. Check the coloring to make sure it hasn’t lightened with the sun’s rays. If you see damage, now is the time to upgrade.

Look at the Type of System You Want

Whether you can upgrade your own drapes in Anaheim Hills or not is also going to depend on the type of motorized system you want. Check in on the way the drapes sit on the system and the way the system hangs. You may find that you need to get drapes that are specifically made for that system.

You want to make the most of your window coverings, especially when you get something on motors. It’s important that you get everything from this investment. It may seem like extra money and time finding the perfect drapes, but it’ll be worth it when you have something you don’t need to change for a decade or more.

There are systems designed to upgrade your current window coverings and make them motorized if you want. However, you may find it better for your investment if you get the drapes in Anaheim Hills new with your motorized elements.

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