Can You Add a Cornice in Anaheim Hills to a Rented Property?

More and more people are renting rather than buying. Just because you rent, doesn’t mean you don’t want to make a place look like you. A cornice in Anaheim Hills can be a great decorative addition around the windows of the home.

Is there any point in adding something like this to a rented property? After all, this isn’t your place, and you’re making some big changes depending on the style of cornice. Here are some factors to consider.

A Valance Could Be Better

Let’s start with other decorative coverings. While a cornice in Anaheim Hills is great, a valance could be a better option for renters. A valance isn’t as expensive as a cornice due to the type of materials used. You’re more likely to get fabric with a valance, while you’ll get some sort of wood for a cornice. If you’re renting, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that’s going to be harder to take with you to somewhere new.

A valance can also mean less work on the area around the windows. With a cornice, you’ll need to drill holes and make sure the material is set perfectly sturdy. A valance doesn’t need as much work, and it’s not as weighty. You can often add the material across the top of a curtain rod or the other window coverings that are already in place.

Will Your Landlord Pay for It?

It’s worth talking to your landlord if you want a cornice in Anaheim Hills. This is going to be custom made for the size of your window. It’s not easy to take it elsewhere as windows aren’t made the same size and shape.

This is actually something that can add a little extra value to a property. Your landlord could find the rent for the next tenant could be put up, or it could help to add value when selling. With this in mind, your landlord may be willing to pay for the cornices around the windows. You’ll just need to work with the landlord to find the right style.

Can You Wait Until You Buy?

What if you’re looking at buying a property soon? You may want to wait to buy your home before you bother with a cornice in Anaheim Hills. Otherwise, you’re spending money on something that you can’t fully enjoy.

The only time you’ll want to add the cornice before buying is if you’re in a rent to buy scheme. This is a great way to remain in the property you love, and you’re more likely to add more of your own additions because you’ll benefit in the long-term. Just make sure you can definitely secure funding for buying the property in the time agreed upon.

A cornice in Anaheim Hills is a beautiful addition to the home, but it’s not the most practical. When you’re renting, you may want to look at other ways to add color, style, and personality to your space.

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