Can Drapes in Anaheim Hills Really Help Manage the Temperatures Throughout the Year?

When it comes to window coverings, you’ve likely heard about the downsides of drapes in Anaheim Hills. While they are the most affordable, they don’t offer all the benefits of blinds and shutters. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth the money.

One of the downsides often reported is that drapes aren’t good for managing the temperatures in the home. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With the right drapes and used in the right way, you’ll find drapes are perfect throughout the year. Here’s how they manage the temperatures throughout all four seasons.

Block the Heat Loss During the Winter

In the winter months, the heat escapes your home through the windows. Heat wants to warm up the colder air, and the outside temperatures are much lower than within your home. That leads to big drops if you don’t keep your heat on all the time.

The good news is drapes in Anaheim Hills can be great for blocking heat loss. Thicker drapes are better than others, but all drapes will help to create a layer up against the windows to block the heat loss. This is especially the case overnight when you need the insulation the most.

By blocking the heat loss, you’ll keep the temperatures in the home naturally consistent. There’s less need to use the heating as much.

Drapes in Anaheim Hills Manage the UV Rays in the Summer

In the summer, you have the opposite problem. The heat gets into your home, and that’s usually due to the UV rays shining through the windows. As your temperatures rise, you end up using the air con a lot more just to keep the temperatures manageable.

The great news is curtains and drapes will help to manage that. With a quick pull on of the material, you block the UV rays from getting through the windows and into your home. You don’t even need to pull all the curtains on. You just want to manage the windows where the sun hits, so you’ll change the curtains throughout the day as the sun moves.

You’ll use the air-con much less because you simply don’t have the problems of the UV rays. Plus, you’re doing more good by protecting your furniture and walls from UV damage.

You Control Fluctuating Temperatures

What about during the months when the temperatures fluctuate? You have mornings that are freezing cold but then afternoons where the temperatures are high. Drapes in Anaheim Hills will help manage this.

Using your drapes overnight will block the heat from escaping as the temperatures drop. You’ll use the heating less overnight. Then during the day, you can block the UV rays coming in to block the temperatures rising and use the air con less. You get that mixture of winter and summer benefits.

It’s time to protect your home and use the heating and cooling systems less. Drapes in Anaheim Hills certainly have their benefits. You just have to get the right material and use them in the best way possible.

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