4 Top Tips for Saving Money with Roller Shades in Anaheim Hills This Summer

The winter may have been rough but the summer is promising to be warm. Now it’s time to make sure you keep the heat outside of the home where it belongs. Your roller shades in Anaheim Hills can help with these and here are the top four tips to manage it.

Keep Shades Closed in Rooms Not Used

If you have rooms in the home that don’t get used a lot, then close the shades as much as possible. With the closed shades, you’ll find the UV rays don’t come in through the window, so temperatures don’t rise. Depending on the type of roller shades in Anaheim Hills you have, you could still get some daylight shining through.

When you do need the room, you can always open the shades a little or fully, whatever suits your needs. As you leave, close the shades again to help manage the temperatures.

Block Out the Direct Sunlight

In the rooms that you use frequently, pull down the shades slightly so that you can block out the direct sunlight. You won’t block out all the UV rays coming into the home, but you can block out the majority of them. It’s possible to keep the rooms cooler for longer.

You can still have the windows open. In fact, this is good to keep a breeze flowing while you have the roller shades slightly closed. The breeze will help you feel cooler.

Make Sure Your Roller Shades in Anaheim Hills Create a Seal

You may need to look at getting a new set of shades. If you’re looking for an upgrade anyway, this is good news. If you’re not, then we’ll look at other ways to save money in the summer.

For now, look out for shades that are too wide for your windows. You want something that will sit to the window frames, so you don’t have a slight gap for rolling up and down. The blinds will create a seal around your window to prevent the UV rays getting in.

When you’re using the air con, you’ll also find that the cool air doesn’t escape out of the window. Of course, this works best when your windows aren’t open either.

If you’re not replacing your blinds, get a weight for the current items you have. You can create a semi-seal by weighing down the bottom of the roller shades in Anaheim Hills when they’re in use.

Opt for Light Colors

When buying new shades, always look for the lighter colors. This will help you save plenty of money in the long term. The light colors will reflect the light and UV rays. Not only will you keep the rays out of the home to keep temperatures down, but you’ll also protect the material of the shades. They don’t need replacing as often.

Some of these tips are for when you’re replacing your roller shades in Anaheim Hills. If you’re not doing that yet, you’ll want to consider whether replacing is going to be more energy efficient than the options you have right now.

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