4 Myths About Cordless Blinds in Orange You Need to Forget

It’s easy to find yourself trapped in a cycle of believing myths. If enough people tell you something, it has to be right, doesn’t it? That’s certainly not the case. There are four myths about cordless blinds in Orange that end up dangerous if you believe.

Cordless blinds are a must for your home if you have children or pets. Here are the four myths you need to forget to make sure everyone in the home can play safely at all times.

They’re Expensive to Buy

Once upon a time, this myth was true. Most manufacturers did opt for corded window treatments. After all, they were tried and tested. People liked them. If you want to opt for cordless blinds in Orange, you had to pay extra for them because they just weren’t as popular.

Then there were more dangers of having corded features. Manufacturers were shamed for not making their window treatments safe for children and pets. Things changed and cordless blinds became more popular. Now, some manufacturers will only offer cordless features in pre-made designs. You have to go custom if you want corded blinds, which costs more.

You’ll Have Trouble Opening and Closing Them

There’s this idea that without the cords, your window treatments will be difficult to open and close. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Cordless blinds in Orange have slightly different mechanisms but they’re not difficult to use.

You pull up and down on the actual blind or shade. Some will have a button at the top to release while others will work on a pull and release system. Then there are others that have the button in the middle of the bottom or top.

Cordless Blinds in Orange Don’t Offer All the Benefits of Corded Features

People are worried that they won’t be able to save money on their heating bills or they worry about privacy. That’s understandable, but the benefits of corded blinds aren’t just because the window treatments are corded. The benefits come from the style of window treatment and the material of choice.

You don’t lose the material and style choices just because you opt for cordless features. You still get all the same benefits that you would before.

You can end up with more benefits. Cordless blinds are more likely to be motorized, which adds the ease of use and chances of turning your blinds into smart treatments in the home.

You Have Limited Choice

There’s a belief that cordless blinds in Orange come in limited choices. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Because more manufacturers are making cordless the standard for blinds, they offer the range of choice they once did for corded features. In fact, some will make styles for children’s bedrooms only available in cordless features due to safety.

You get to choose the style of window treatment whether cordless or corded. You can still have venetian blinds but safer options. There are still roller blinds and solar shades.

Don’t believe the myths. They’re dangerous misconceptions that put your family at risk. Cordless blinds in Orange are the greatest types of window treatments you can choose.

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