Why Woven Wood Roman Shades in Adna Are Perfect

Roman shades in Adna are beautiful additions to the home. You don’t have to opt for fabric shades if you don’t want to. Woven wood roman shades are becoming more popular, and they’re an excellent addition to your home.

Woven wood is usually made of bamboo, but other types of wood can be used. In most cases, they’re made of real wood, but they don’t suffer from the same warping issues as real wood blinds. Here’s why you need to consider woven wood roman shades for your home.

They Offer Excellent Light Filtering Benefits

Woven wood tends to have slits where the light can come through. These holes tend to be small, allowing the blinds to filter in some of the light but without the UV rays. You’ll protect your home from UV damage with woven wood roman shades in Adna.

At the same time, you gain plenty of natural light shining through the home. You gain plenty of privacy without plunging your home into darkness. You can use the shades in the middle of the day without feeling like it’s night.

You’ll Gain Excellent Heating and Cooling Benefits

Woven wood is an excellent material for temperature benefits. While fabric roman shades in Adna can offer some temperature benefits, woven wood is far more superior.

Let’s start with the lack of UV rays coming through. This helps to reduce the rising temperatures in the middle of the summer. At the same time, the material is thicker than fabric. It blocks the heat loss during the winter better, even with the small holes. You’ll use both the heating and air-con less throughout the year, saving money in the long term.

Woven Wood Roman Shades in Adna Work for All Décors

We also need to look at the décor benefits. Trying to find window coverings that offer great benefits and match your current décor can be difficult. Then you need to consider the costs of the shades, while also considering future décor changes.

There’s no need to worry when it comes to woven wood roman shades. The material is neutral in color, so it matches any type of décor you pick. It is also easy to create, so even if you have custom-made shades, you’ll save money in the short term as well as the long term.

They Are Good for All Rooms in the Home

Finally, you want a set of roman shades in Adna that work for all rooms in the home. This isn’t a common benefit of fabric shades. However, woven wood isn’t fabric.

The material isn’t going to soak in the moisture. It’s not going to warp in the heat, nor will it suffer from rotting or mildew damage. You’ve got a set of window treatments that will work for all rooms in the home, including the bathroom that suffers from high humidity problems.

Now is the time to make changes to your window coverings. Pick woven wood roman shades in Adna for each of the windows in the home.

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