Why Vertical Blinds in Aberdeen Are Essential for Large Windows

Let’s talk about those large windows you have in the home. Some of them slide open, but not all of them do. They may have just one section that opens, or they may only open from the top. Either way, you need something to cover them from time to time, and vertical blinds in Aberdeen are perfect.

It can seem odd to have vertical blinds if you don’t have sliding windows or doors. However, they become the perfect option when your windows are on the large side. Here’s why you need them.

They’ll Work in the Same Direction of Some Large Windows

If your large windows slide open and closed, you’ll certainly want to consider vertical blinds in Aberdeen. After all, you want a set of shades that work in the same way as your windows. When you have something that pulls on and off in the same way as the windows, you don’t find anything gets caught and you use the windows (and blinds) more effectively.

You just place the blinds at the top. When you are installing, make sure you choose the mechanism that works in the same direction. You won’t want to open your blinds to the left but your windows to the right!

Vertical Blinds in Aberdeen Don’t Suffer from Gravity

You could get Venetian blinds for your large windows. If they don’t slide, this may be one of your considerations. However, you need to consider the way gravity will pull.

The middle of your Venetian blinds will pull down. They start to sag in the window and then they don’t quite sit right when they’re closed. You end up with gaps in the slats, so you don’t gain all the benefits.

Vertical blinds don’t have this problem. They already hang downward so there’s nothing for gravity to pull on.

You Don’t Have Multiple Blinds to Open and Close

Instead of a single Venetian blind, you could opt for a string of mini blinds. They get rid of the hassle of gravity, but they offer another hassle. You have multiple blinds you’re opening and closing daily. Do you really want to have that?

Vertical blinds in Aberdeen get rid of that issue. You just have one blind that sits all the way across the window. You twist one cord and all the slats on the blinds will open and close. It really is that simple!

You Still Get All the Benefits of Window Blinds

Instead of vertical blinds, you could opt for drapes. If you’re renting or you’re only staying somewhere temporarily, this will be a good consideration. But what if you’re living somewhere for the next few years or decades? You want the benefits of window blinds.

That’s what you’ll get with vertical blinds in Aberdeen. They come in a range of materials, and you can get vinyl or faux wood. You get that physical barrier for managing the heat in the home, and you’ll reduce the UV ray damage, gain privacy, and much more.

It's time to think again about your window coverings for large windows. Vertical blinds in Aberdeen are a must.

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