Why It’s Worth Hanging Drapes Over Your Window Blinds in Grayland

You’ve decided to get window blinds in Grayland for your home. They look good, but you’ve noticed a few downsides. You’ve also noticed that people who live around you seem to have curtains or drapes that sit over their blinds.

Isn’t getting another set of window coverings redundant? Aren’t you wasting money? You could actually add more of an investment in the home via the drapes. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them.

You Have Extra Insulation Around the Windows

There’s no doubt that window blind sin Grayland are great for managing heat loss through the winter months. They create a physical barrier against the heat getting out, and we know around 30% of heat is lost via the windows. However, blinds don’t prevent all the heat from leaving the home.

You can add a secondary layer with drapes. These add another layer of insulation, helping further to block the heat loss. The heat that gets through the drapes gets trapped in the area between the drapes and the blinds. This keeps that area warmer, so the heat inside the home doesn’t feel the need to escape as much.

Immediately, you’re gaining financially. There’s less need to put the heating on during the colder months of the year.

You’ll Add Texture Around the Windows

While window blinds in Grayland offer practical benefits, they’re not the best for décor needs. They tend to be on the plain side. This is great if you change up the décor frequently. You’ll get neutral blinds that work with everything.

However, you want to add texture around the windows. They need to stand out and draw the eye in. This is something that curtains and drapes will do. You don’t even need to use the drapes to add the texture around the windows.

You can also add all sorts of décor benefits with the drapes. Change them out each season or with every décor change without feeling like you’re wasting money. They are among the cheapest types of window coverings to add.

They Can Offer Window Blinds in Grayland More Light Benefits

Your blinds are great for managing the light coming through the window. With a twist of the slats, you’ll be able to block the UV rays. You can even block all the light coming through. However, there are times that you want to block the light from one part of the window and not the other. Unless you have mini blinds that sit along the window next to each other, you don’t have the ability to do that.

This is where drapes and curtains are great. You can pull one side on and leave the other side open. You could even pull the drapes to one specific part of the window to block the glare from there during the day. You’ll gain that little extra bit of light control.

People add the drapes and curtains to their window blinds in Grayland for decorative benefits. There are also some practical benefits you’ll gain from doubling up your window coverings.

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