Why Blinds in Ocean Park Are Great for Smaller Windows

When it comes to new window coverings, you’ll want to take a look at the size of your windows. This is going to affect the type of shades or blinds in Ocean Park your buy. We’re not just talking about color, but the exact type of window covering.

Blinds can be one of the best options for smaller windows. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them over everything else.

You Can Customize for the Windows

Too often, people go for premade shades or curtains. They can be good in a pinch, but you want something that works for the exact shape and size of your windows. With blinds in Ocean Park, you’re getting something that is custom made.

Custom made is important. You get the exact sizing. The material is more likely to sit inside the window frame, mounted on the inside to show off the size of the windows. When you go for premade options, you need to buy larger, usually mounting on the outside of the window frame. This takes up more space around the walls, making the space look more cramped than it needs to be.

Sure, you can get shades that are also custom made, but there are other reasons to get blinds.

Gain More Light Control for Smaller Windows

Small windows already limit the amount of light that comes through them. You don’t want to limit even more with some types of shades and curtains. With these options, you’re pretty much closing all the light or none of the light. You can pull the shades down just a little, but then you lose out on privacy and some other benefits.

With blinds in Ocean Park, you don’t have this problem. You’ll usually get slat blinds, and they will allow you much more light control than anything else. You can twist the slats to let the light in that you need, making sure the light bounces off the slats to make the space look larger than it really is.

You’ll still gain your privacy. Depending on the way you twist the slats, you’ll keep the light coming in without the view from the outside world.

They’ll Manage the Temperatures

While you have small windows, you will still lose a lot of heat in the winter. Around 30% of heat is lost through the windows because the heat tries to warm up the air outside. Shades can help to prevent some of that, but blinds in Ocean Park are better. You have better material for reducing the heat loss.

During the summer, you have something that prevents the UV rays shining through. The UV rays hit the glass and then warm up the area inside. When you stop the UV rays shining through (without all light lost!), you’ll reduce those rising temperatures that force you to always use the air con.

There are a lot of great window coverings, but you need to make sure they work for the size of your windows. When it comes to smaller windows, look at getting blinds in Ocean Park.

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