What Type of Blinds in Glenoma Should You Get for Skylights?

Skylights look beautiful. They allow a lot of light in with the benefit of privacy. However, they do have downsides. You’ll need to get blinds in Glenoma for the windows.

The big question for many is the types of blinds they need. After all, you’ve got a window that hangs from the roof. Blinds will succumb to gravity, won’t they? Here are the top factors to consider to find the right blinds for your needs.

Consider Motorized Window Treatments

The best thing you can do is get a set of motorized blinds in Glenoma. It doesn’t matter what style you get, as long as they’re controlled by a remote control or a smart device. You’ll gain far more practical benefits with a set of motorized window treatments for your skylight.

In some cases, your skylight will be high in the ceiling. This can let a lot of light in, but the window is hard to reach. You either need something to help you open and close the blinds, or you gain no use of your window treatments.

Motorized options don’t require you reaching. You just press a button from wherever you are in the room. In some cases, you can use a smart device, like Alexa or Google Home, to open and close your blinds.

Get a Set of Fitted Blinds in Glenoma

Make sure whatever you get is fitted to the window. The blinds will succumb to gravity in the middle. They’ll droop from the middle when the blinds are closed, so you gain absolutely no benefit. The light shines through from the sides in the middle.

When you get something fitted, it will sit on a runner. You get rid of the gaps, and there’s no need to worry about the drooping in the middle.

Don’t want something on a runner? You can still get something that’s fitted. You get only enough material to cover the window. It remains tight when closed, getting rid of the problem of gravity pulling the middle down.

Consider Dual Window Treatments for the Window

Your skylight is designed to let light in. Some blinds in Glenoma will lead to getting rid of that. If you get solar blinds, you’ll keep the light but you don’t get the heating benefits in the winter. And these windows will definitely lose a lot of heat!

It’s time to invest in dual window treatments. They are usually fabric blinds with two layers. The first is a solar layer and then there’s a blackout or room darkening layer. During the day, you can use the solar shade. This blocks the glare but keeps the light.

On a night, you pull the room darkening layer over. With the two layers working together, you gain the heat benefits. You can also use this layer for privacy.

Skylights do look beautiful. They allow a lot of light into the home. The problem is they can also lead to a lot of glare and heat loss. It’s time to manage that with the right blinds in Glenoma.

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