How to Manage the Downsides of Solar Window Shades in Raymond


You’ve decided on solar window shades in Raymond. They look great, and during the day, they do exactly what you need. They block the view from the outside along with all that annoying glare, meaning you can sit in a room in peace.

There is a downside, though. On a night, the privacy doesn’t work. People see in, and you can’t see out. How do you manage that? Here are the best ways to deal with the downsides of solar shades.

Get a Second Set of Window Shades in Raymond

Start by looking into getting new window coverings for over the solar shades. You don’t need to replace the solar shades. Instead, you’re looking for a secondary option that will manage the downsides on an evening.

There are a few secondary sets that you can invest in. Roller shades are popular because they’re on the cheaper side. You place them over the top of the solar shade and pull them down when the sun goes down. You don’t need to worry about seeing out of the house at this time, so it doesn’t matter that the view is blocked.

Curtains and drapes are other popular options. They are also on the least expensive side, and they are easy to take with you when you move. You just pull them on to cover up the view into your home when the sun goes down.

Consider Getting Dual Window Shades Instead

Rather than just getting solar shades, you could look into dual window shades in Raymond instead. These are excellent options for those who want to reduce the need of two sets of hardware. You have the solar layer for during the day, and a thicker layer for the evening.

These types of shades are going to be a little more expensive. If you already have solar shades, you’ll need to remove them. You just have the one set of shades sitting in your windows.

You will find that these become an investment. Dual shades add extra insulation around your windows on an evening.

Fit the Solar Shades in Place Properly

Solar window shades in Raymond can damage the windows. It’s a downside that isn’t always considered because it’s rare that you will have high winds in your home. The problem is the material is so thing that it doesn’t have the weight at the bottom to keep the shades in place when you have your windows slightly open.

There are some ways around this. The first is that you add a weight to the bottom of your shades. This will help to keep it locked in place while it’s down. Another option is that you place the weight on top of the bottom once the shade is down, but that’s going to damage the material. You can also look at getting hooks that you place the shade into. The hooks sit on the window frame to keep the shades in place.

The downsides of solar window shades in Raymond come up on an evening in most cases. There are some very simple ways to deal with them.


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