Could Cellular Shades in Aberdeen Improve Your Work Productivity?

One of the problems with working from home is productivity. You need to find a way to keep the distractions away, and part of that is making sure your home works for you. Your windows can be a problem, so you need the right window coverings. Cellular shades in Aberdeen look great and are good investments normally, but will they help with your work productivity?

This could depend on the style of cellular shades you get. Here’s how they can help, but factors you’ll also need to consider.

Do They Open Top-Down?

You’ll want to get cellular shades in Aberdeen that open from the top down as well as the bottom up. This is the best way to manage productivity when it comes to the need of privacy without the loss of light. You can keep the bottom of your windows covered so people can’t see that you’re in or what you’re doing. Then you pull the top down a little to allow in the natural light.

Doesn’t this cause some glare to shine through? It can, depending on the sun’s placement during the day. You can always pull the shade back up if there is glare. You won’t plunge the room into complete darkness, but it can affect some productivity.

Do You Struggle with Fluctuating Temperatures?

If you have an office space that gets very hot in the summer, you’ll want to look at why. Is it because of the UV rays coming through the window? Cellular shades in Aberdeen can be great for managing this as they block the UV rays without blocking all the natural light shining through.

Likewise, you may suffer from a loss of heat through the windows in the winter. This makes your office too cold to work in. The cellular shades will help to circulate the heat back into the room. The cells can even trap some of the heat, helping to insulate the windows and prevent the heat thinking it needs to warm up the space outside.

With temperatures being more consistent, you’ll find your productivity levels go up.

Do They Work on Motors?

You’ll want to look at smart or motorized cellular shades in Aberdeen, especially for office productivity. While managing light and heat is great, you still need to get up to change the way the blinds are sitting. You could be in the middle of a report, and you lose productivity because you’ve stood up to block the UV rays glaring on your computer screen.

If you can get motorized blinds, you can do everything from your desk with a touch of a bottom. The remote could be in easy reach so you just click a button and have the shades work for you. If you have smart blinds, you could even use voice activation to do it all. Without getting up, you keep your mind on work to get through the task.

You want your home to help you with work productivity. This then improves your work-life balance. Cellular shades in Aberdeen could be worth considering for your home office.

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