Can Blackout Shades in Aberdeen Manage the Temperatures During the Summer?

If you have children or you’re looking for window coverings for the bedroom, blackout shades in Aberdeen are likely the first type you’ll consider. They block the light when you need to sleep during the day, and they can be especially beneficial for light sleepers.

Blackout shades offer more than just light benefits. During the summer, they can help to manage the rising temperatures. Here’s how to use them effectively.

Don’t You Lose All the Light?

Before we start looking at the ways blackout shades in Aberdeen can help to manage temperatures, we have to touch on the loss of light. Sure enough, if you pull the blinds down, you will find there’s a loss of natural light. That’s the whole point of them.

However, you don’t necessarily need to lose the light if you use them right. Plus, keeping the temperatures down and sometimes needing to use the internal lights could be more financially viable. There are also times where the light loss won’t matter. Let’s take a look at using the shades effectively.

Close Them in Rooms You’re Not In

If you’re not spending time in a room but it gets a lot of direct sunlight, you’ll want to close the blackout shades in Aberdeen. You don’t need to worry about the loss of light in this case. All you’re doing is minimizing the number of UV rays that get through the window.

By minimizing the UV rays, you’ll keep the heat out of the room. This can then keep the heat out of the whole house. Do it in as many rooms as possible.

Pull the Blackout Shades in Aberdeen Down Partly

When it comes to the rooms that you are in, you won’t necessarily want to lose all the natural light. You can still manage the temperatures with your shades.

Instead of pulling them all the way down, pull them just partway down, You’ll block the sun at the top of the window, blocking some of the UV rays that come through the window. While you’re not blocking all the UV rays, you’ll block enough that will help to manage the temperatures a little better.

Once the sun has moved, you can pull the blinds back up. You don’t have as many issues with temperatures rising without the direct sun.

Close the Blinds Overnight

When it comes to the night, you’ll want to close the blinds. Even if they’re in rooms that you’re not sleeping in, closing the blinds will help to manage temperatures both overnight and on a morning.

Think about where the sun rises in your home. If it’s into your living room and you’ve left the blackout shades in Aberdeen open overnight, you’re allowing the UV rays direct access to the home. You probably won’t want to get up to close the blinds quickly. Closing them on a night prevents that early morning risk of the temperatures rising.

Blackout shades in Aberdeen are excellent for managing light, but they can also help to manage temperatures. You just need to use them in the right way.

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