Are Drapes in Hoquiam Safe for the Whole Family?

When it comes to buying new window coverings, you need to make sure they’re safe. This isn’t about safe from the outside world but safe for the people inside your home. Drapes in Hoquiam are popular, but are they safe for the whole family?

You will initially think of cords, but other elements can be dangerous for some members of the family. Here’s how to make sure your drapes remain safe.

No Cords but There Are Loops

There aren’t any cords that come with drapes in Hoquiam. This is why they’re considered safe for the family, but that’s not always the case. While there aren’t any cords, there can still be some loops.

Firstly, there’s the risk of loose threads. While the threads are quite weak, they can be dangerous for small children.

Another issue is the fabric you’ll use to hold your drapes back. They create a loop around the material, preventing the drapes from closing when you don’t want them to. If they are low enough to the ground, they create a safety issue for your children. Even if they’re not close to the ground, children can and do climb up!

You’ll also want to check the drapes over. Their styles may include additions that create loops or other dangerous elements. Drapes that are designed for children are much safer because these considerations have been taken into account.

Make Sure the Rod is Secure

The rod is one of the more dangerous aspects of drapes in Hoquiam. The material can fall from the wall and land on top of a child, causing injury. You need to make sure this rod is secure in its place.

If you’re using tension rods to avoid damage to the windows, you’ll want to avoid them for the nursery. Or you need to make sure the tension is perfect, which is much harder to do. The best thing is to just avoid these types of rods for any room a child will be in alone.

Screws in the wall are much safer. The safety of your children is worth the damage to the walls.

Consider Shorter Drapes in Hoquiam

The length of the drapes will need to be considered. Longer drapes do look better than shorter ones, but they can be more of a risk to your children. The material is within reach, and that means children are more likely to pull on it.

Hopefully, it’s just the material that comes down, but sometimes the rod falls as well. And even with the material, there’s a risk of your child getting trapped underneath.

It’s often best just to get rid of the temptation. Opt for shorter drapes that come down to just the windowsill and children are less likely to pull.

You’ll also make it harder for pets to climb up the drapes, reducing the risk of the material (and the pets) falling.

When you factor in the problems, you can make your drapes in Hoquiam safe for the whole family. The steps are more than worth it for your children and pets.

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