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    • Vertical Blinds Alternatives

      If a standard vertical blind doesn’t quite fit your personal style, choose from a wide variety of vertical blind alternatives including vertical cellular shades, sheer vertical blinds, sliding panel track blinds, and woven wood natural drapes.

      Explore our variety of alternatives to vertical blinds:

      • Vertical cellular shades are available in the same soft luxurious cell sizes, fabrics, colors and opacities as horizontal cellular shades, and offer the same energy saving benefits.
      • Vertical cellular shades unique orientation of cellular fabric works well for wider windows and patio doors.
      • Sheer vertical blinds delicately filter incoming sunshine to create an inviting ambience, instantly transforming your windows into the perfect view.
      • Sliding panel track blinds come in a variety of modern fabrics that add structured appeal, personality, and depth to your living spaces.
      • Sliding panel track blinds oversized panels cover even the widest of windows with varying widths and consistent overlapping. They can also be used as closet doors and room dividers.
      • Roller shades on panel tracks come in over 50 screen styles with varying amounts of opacities for your ideal light setting and UV protection.
      • Woven wood blinds on panel tracks are eco-friendly selections, offered in a nice variety of natural woven grass styles with unique patterns and warm, rich tones.
      • Woven wood natural drapes are truly unique, crafted from a range of organic materials in neutral colors, textures and styles that add a soft natural beauty to any home.

      These come in custom configurations including free-floating, side stack, and split stack that allow you to easily adjust privacy levels and your view.

      Custom Sizes for Alternative Vertical Blinds

      Although vertical blind alternatives are most ideal in bedrooms and living rooms with large windows, sliding glass doors, and French doors, they can be customized to fit any type of window size or shape. From panel tracks to cellular shades, we can cut perfectly sized window treatments that are unique and bring new charm and character to your home.

      If you are having trouble deciding a style or material that would work best in your home, Budget Blinds style consultants can guide you through the entire process to make sure you have a window treatment that fits your personal needs and budget while adding personality and upholding your home design standards.

      The process starts with our style consultants talking with you about what you want out of your window treatment. They will bring swatches and samples of different blinds and draperies, giving you the opportunity to see what the window treatment might look like before you even make the purchase.

      Once you have made your decision, our style consultants take care of every step in the process, including:

      • Measuring the windows for precise dimensions
      • Ordering the products
      • Inspecting the order once it has been delivered
      • Installing the blinds properly

      For further customization, you can combine your vertical blinds alternative with a motorized system. We are a proud partner with Somfy, one of the leading companies developing home automation systems. The company was originally established in 1750 with a small group of craftsmen who made Swiss watch parts. The brand has since grown and developed to create solutions that elevate convenience and usability throughout all parts of your home.

      With automated vertical blind alternatives, you can quickly and easily open and close your blinds using a remote control, wireless wall switch, or an app on your phone or tablet. This allows for greater precision without needing to interrupt your activities.

      Automated blinds can also be equipped with sensors that identify weather conditions, heat, and the amount of sunlight coming into your home. The blinds can then adjust to provide optimal sunlight for your furnishings, interiors, and personal comfort. Automated blinds can also be set to a timer, so for example, you can program your blinds to shut at sunset when you switch on your home’s lights. You won’t have to run through your home, closing all the blinds. They will all close at the set time, maintaining your privacy and reducing the glare from streetlights and passing cars.

      Panel Track Blinds

      A great alternative to classic vertical blinds, panel track blinds are modeled after traditional sliding shoji screens used in Japan, noted for their ability to effectively block light while conserving space.

      Panel track blinds come with a variety of benefits, namely their unique look. They are notably simple but offer a clean, stylish, sophisticated look that is significantly different from normal vertical blinds. If you want a unique window treatment, panel track blinds are a great solution. They are also highly versatile, coming in over 50 screen styles and designs with varying opacities. Woven wood panel track blinds offer a warm, rich, elegant look with unique patterns and a naturally environmentally friendly design. You can also determine which side the panels will stack when you fully open the blinds.

      Panel track blinds are also built for durability. Operating on a single track means it’s much harder to break any single part of the blind. Even if a part does somehow break, it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to repair. The blinds also don’t attract much dust, making overall maintenance and upkeep a breeze. Simply wipe the panels down or use a vacuum on a low power setting.

      Panel tracks are also safe for the entire family. Instead of cords that may injure kids or pets, panel tracks operate using a simple wheel sliding system for easy opening and closing.

      Types of Fabric

      Alternatives to vertical blinds come in a variety of materials with fabric being one of the most popular. Cellular shades, alternately known as honeycomb shades, are made from various fabrics, commonly spun lace and polyester, creating a soft look. This fabric is structured in cells that filter out sunlight while saving energy. The cells act as small pockets of air that can help to insulate your room by creating a barrier to prevent air leaks from getting into your home.

      Panel tracks can be made fro ma variety of modern fabrics in different colors, designs, and patterns. These fabrics can provide form and structure while still maintaining soft textures and lightweight feel.

      Benefits of Alternative Vertical blinds

      Vertical blind alternatives come with a wide range of benefits, namely the sheer amount of options. From sheer blinds to vertical cellular shades to panel tracks to natural drapes, you may never need to use vertical blinds ever again. Add to that countless colors, designs, textures, patterns, and fabrics, and you have a near endless pool of options to create a truly unique window treatment.

      One of the most common complaints with vertical blinds is the potential noise the panes can produce when they knock together from wayward breezes or indoor air systems. This is especially true for wood and hard vinyl panes. Vertical blind alternatives all practically operate without any noise, opening and closing smoothly.

      Vertical blinds may also bother homeowners because the panes produce a noticeable stack when they are gathered together, which may look cluttered or disrupt the room’s aesthetic. Vertical blind alternatives generally look cleaner and neater when stacked together into an open position.

      Alternatives to vertical blinds also offer excellent light control and privacy. Keeping them closed helps to filter in light, allowing in just enough natural light to keep your room comfortable without feeling like you’re baking.

      Budget Blinds is committed to giving you the exact window treatment you need at an affordable price. If you have any questions about vertical blind alternatives or want to learn more about our company, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us. If you are ready to get started with a new set of window blinds, schedule a free in-home consultation with a Budget Blinds Style Consultant today to learn more about our full line of vertical blind alternatives.

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