Wheatfield Roller Shades Safety Tips for Kids and Pets

Roller shades in Wheatfield homes are popular. They’re affordable and easy to use. On top of that, they’re easy to maintain and rarely need replacing. However, there are some downsides to these types of shades. There are hazards with some for kids and pets. Here’s a look at four top safety tips to keep the whole family safe when using Wheatfield roller shades.

Tie Up the Blind Cord

All roller shades will have a type of blind cord. In many cases they are plastic rings that roll around a top. You pull on one side to move the blind down and on the other side to move it upwards. Many parents overlook these cords without thinking about them.

It’s very easy for children and animals to get their heads stuck in the cords while playing. They don’t notice the danger of the cords. Unfortunately, children have suffocated due to getting trapped in the cords. The best thing to do is tie the cord up to make sure it is out of reach of children, even if it means you stand on your tip toes to get to the cord to use it.

Cut the Cord to Avoid the Risk

If you can’t tie the cord up or put it out of the way, you could opt to cut it instead. This is a quick and effective option. You end up with to strings to pull on instead.

When you don’t want to cut the cord, you can buy Wheatfield roller shades with two single cords instead. Many housing associations now recommend these types of cords for safety reasons. They have a toggle at the end that you can pull down on to raise and lower the blinds.

Replace with Cordless Roller Shades in Wheatfield

Another option is to get rid of the cord completely. There are now many that will have one plastic stick at the side that you twist both ways to raise or lower as you need it. However, others are now managed by pulling on the physical blind. The blind connects to grooves within the roller. When you want to lift it up, you either tug and release or you press a button at the top.

Getting rid of the cord completely will help to eliminate the total risk of having a cord. It can take time to make this replacement, as it will mean spending more money to replace your blinds. While you are saving and arranging the replacement, follow the above tips to keep your family safe.

Keep Cribs and Beds Away from the Blinds

Many people put children’s bed and cribs close to the window. The problem is that children have something to climb up on to reach the cords, even when they’re initially put out of reach. The best thing to do is keep the beds away from the blinds completely. You then won’t need to worry that your children will wake up through the night and reach up for the cords.

While Wheatfield roller blinds have their benefits, there are some dangers. These dangers are especially problematic for pet owners and parents. Children and animals don’t completely understand the dangers of sticking their heads into cords. Play it safe with the above safety tips and keep the cords well out of reach.