Patterned vs. Solid Buffalo Roman Shades

Life is full of choices. There is always some sort of decision to make, especially when it comes to decorating your home. One of the choices will be about the type of blinds you get. While you’ve decided on roman shades in Buffalo, you now need to choose whether to buy patterned or solid options. Is there a difference? Well, there could be.

Solid Keeps It Simple

One of the best benefits of solid Buffalo roman shades is the simplicity. You just have to choose the right color to work with your room. Whether you go with neutral or bright colors, you’ve got fewer choices to make when it comes to your window treatments.

Solid roman shades can be perfect for most bedrooms and the living room. You keep the focus on the rooms themselves, using colors that get the right mood and feeling within the room.

When you want to keep the budget to a minimum, solid options can also be beneficial. They are easier to make, meaning they tend to be the more affordable options.

Patterned Add Character to the Room

The benefit of working with patterned roman shades in Buffalo is the character that you can add. It’s possible to bring more of your personality out into the room. This is great for a child’s room. You can add cartoon characters or animated features easily to the bedroom, making it a space your child enjoys to be throughout the day.

It’s not just a child’s room that benefits. There are all sorts of patterns and styles to buy. You can add something to the den that makes it clear this is a space for relaxation and fun. Then there are beautiful floral patterns that can help to add style to the living room or dining room.

Patterns offer an easy way to add that little bit extra. They draw attention, demanding your windows become a featured element in the room.

Possibility to Add Intriguing Artwork

If you have more of a budget and want custom Buffalo roman shades, it could be possible to get a beautiful piece of art on your shades. You’ll have to think about how the artwork looks when the shades are open and closed. You can get an intricate piece that shows one image when pulled open and then shows the full piece of art when closed.

This type of roman shade can look beautiful in conservatories, dining rooms and kitchens. It’s possible to add an image of the outdoors to your shades that will make people smile when the blinds are closed. When open, the shades give a hint of the artwork to come.

In the end, the choice is up to you. When you buy roman shades in Buffalo, you’ll want to think about the aims from the shades. Are they just to offer light and heat control or do you want something that will add beauty, style and a mood to your room?